Park City

Park City

Építész Stúdió
Moscow, Russian Federation

Park City

Építész Stúdió as Architects


CORNERS Four corners, four towers. Each turning 90 degrees. Corner flats, any direction possible.

CONTRASTS Maximum building height - minimum building ratio. Minimum building ratio - maximum green area. Hard strict monochrom skin - soft moving coloured body. Individual towers - common landscape.

LANDSCAPE Lifted up from street level - protecting from street noise, giving intimity. Raised towards the border - giving green horizon around. Lowered focus in the middle - - with public functions: forum, meeting point, café, water surface, skating rink and so on.

BOTTOM OF TOWERS Direct entrance on street level - from outside and from the parking area. Indirect entrance on park level - with public functions.

PARKING Parking under the landscape on street level - - covered open parking, no ventilation needed.

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