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X+Living as Architects

The mission of a hotel is to complete a short relationship with you with a little sense of ritual.


This is without doubt a hotel about animals. But animals are not just an eye-catching means to replace the contours and shapes of an aesthetic symbol to meet market demands.


We hope to mix the love to animals into the space, where people can, in the same form as watching an art exhibition, express all kinds of complexes of animals, the lovely lives, when they face the world, with a device with a story background in this hotel, and complete the short, elegant relationship worth pondering with guests.


In design, we give up the descriptions of style, and also of each group of art installations. Instead, we first complete the sense of elegant temperament in space by integrating structure, streamline, colors and graphics, and complete the visual sense of background with the minimalist patterns in abstract nature. Quiet and minimalist space subject background helps more to induce customers' feelings here just like visiting an art gallery.


After that, we carefully crafted the depiction of animals, and emphasized the composition aesthetics of still life furnishings in details; the main purpose is to mix and integrate representational and abstract forms together. Meanwhile, we took the proportion of spare and dense, so that the space represents participation and interaction, to induce thoughts behind vision through the guidance of interest. In the overall design, we also combined the animal theme to develop a variety of original art furniture, paintings and wall art installations, so that viewing and functionality coexist. All the means end up pointing to a friendly show that makes a period of beautiful stay become a more valuable memory.


Various scenes representing in the design of this hotel happen to be the perspectives we lack when we see the world. This desire to express is just our hope to arouse the gentle treatment to life. Because of the increasing number of endangered animals, we hope, through a call of love and concern, to make this hotel not only exist in the innovative theme hotel industry, but also have a public good.

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Riverbed Technology, Cluj, Romania
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Riverbed Technology, Cluj, Romania

Cluj-Napoca, Romania - Build completed in 2019
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