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Kim in-cheurl
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Project Year
Park Youngchae


Archium as Architects

Does the shape of space have to have inevitable order? What meanings do the basic conditions such as history and shape of land and rules and forms which determines the space have? Is the promise to observe rules valid? Furthermore, does such thing exist? What is universal value? Is it implied consent made by ordinary perspective to deal with them in a familiar and convenient way?

What would be possible if stereotype is given up? Is the beginning and direction to which my imagination and senses are applied arbitrary after all? Is the judgment and determination in the establishment and development of concept made based on arbitrary choice? However, if the result is not accepted in the social category required for the space, is it possible for that to create difference? Even if it is mutation, is the value of diversity which is created from being different also important?” As the cuisine on dish is not the will of chef but accidental results of material combination, would the work to embrace function and shape be sufficient if it becomes it naturally.

Is the shape in architectural work supposed to be the result of response to the given condition? Instead of fighting against the condition to comply with rules and regulations, would it be more natural to follow them? If the artificial will becomes artificial consequence, where should voluntary intention be placed? Is it not possible for something accidental to become something inevitable? If catching accidental events is the motive of voluntary behavior, is it also inevitable?

Since the reason for it to be done in such a way is the consequence of my emotion, is it inevitable for me regardless of universality and which response it will induce?

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