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Pier 8 is artificial land, created on what was once the water of Burlington Bay, in the City Hamilton, birthplace of Bruce Kuwabara. West Harbour is the west end of Lake Ontario which was once a glacial lake, Lake Iroquois. KPMB curated an integrated team of four local and national architects to prepare the winning design competition for a master plan vision to transform Pier 8. It will be a new great neighbourhood where people and families can live rich and productive lives; engaged with a community that is inclusive, open and accessible, and an exemplar of what it means to live in Canada as a model of democracy in the 21st century. The collective architecture for Pier 8 connects people to the fundamental features and phenomena that frame living in Hamilton, namely: the fresh water of Lake Ontario; the ground and urban context of Hamilton’s downtown and the North End; the Mountain which is part of the great Niagara Escarpment, and the Sky.

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