Pinta Acoustic Offices

Pinta Acoustic Offices

Marie Aigner studio for architecture and design
Munich, Germany
Project Year
Florian Pipo

Pinta Acoustic Offices

Marie Aigner studio for architecture and design as Architects

The production buildings and administration buildings are examples of implemented brand architecture which, in addition to classical architectural elements, also take up interdisciplinary design possibilities such as video and sound recording.


The customer Pinta Elements as a dynamic, future-oriented and high-performance company presents itself in the colours black and silver. This is also the case in Maisach: all buildings are bathed in deep black. The entrance ramp draws the visitor under a moving light ceiling into the building. Arriving here, the visitor is received in an oversized, also black foyer. The first video and light installations await him here, which already provide an insight into the company and its philosophy.


The path continues through a staircase clad in stainless steel up to the administration area. The visitor moves between company values and a room-high light column. On each level he is received by a room-sized light sculpture made of acoustic elements, which opens the way to the office and conference areas. In the latter, the acoustic elements were continued on the ceilings and walls. The rooms themselves are only divided by glass walls. The character of the room as such is preserved. The colour scheme in the administration area is limited to white and light grey.


Furthermore, a branch of the staircase leads through a sluice, which serves as a link between production, administration and canteen. Similar to a mediation room, this should also mentally achieve the separation between production and regeneration through light and sound installations. In addition to white and light grey, coloured light, seating and design elements are also processed here. Feng Shui guidelines have been applied in the arrangement of rooms, furniture, colouring and development.

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