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Vector Mais as Contractor

Taking on a new approach to what is a law firm's office, PLMJ's headquarters stands out for its open-space workspaces, the many meeting and collaboration rooms and the constant contact with art, visible in the offices, common areas and gallery of the PLMJ Foundation. The street-facing auditorium opens the PLMJ to the community through cultural events, while the cafeterias and a terrace overlooking Lisbon give employees room to relax.


Vector Mais was responsible for the entire construction of PLMJ's new headquarters as a general contractor, which was a special challenge due to the detailed design of the project and the area of the city where it was built. “The main challenges were building a project with many details designed by the architect and the logistical difficulties. Making a project of this size, in a premium area of the city, and within the time it was done was an additional challenge to the project.” Duarte Aires, CEO, Vector Mais.


“The programmatic theme is very important in this building because there are spaces that are absolutely exemplary and not limited to the use of PLMJ itself, allowing it to open to the outside community. One of the most paradigmatic examples is PLMJ auditorium. It is located on the ground floor in direct relation to the outside, and may have work events during the day and in the evening can be open and host cultural and music events in the auditorium itself. Because art is a very important element in the PLMJ community, there is a permanent fusion between its professional activity and the experience of art, for the employees and for everyone who visits PLMJ.” Ricardo Bak Gordon, architect.


“We are a growing law firm and we intend to continue to grow, but we understood it was time to start a process of change. We have kept the senior lawyers in closed offices and the youngest ones in open-space working areas, enabling them to collaborate more. In these areas, we had a concern to maintain privacy and some acoustic barriers. We created collaboration zones and internal meeting rooms to compensate or facilitate seclusion when someone needs to focus. It has gone very well, the younger lawyers have adapted quickly to this reality.” Rita Alarcão Júdice, PLMJ partner.

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