PrO Assen

PrO Assen

Assen, Netherlands
Project Year
Secondary Schools

PrO Assen, school for practical education

Faay Vianen BV as Manufacturers

The problem

PrO Assen, a school for practical education with the motto "learning by doing", was ready for a new building. The school no longer met the physical requirements and the facilities used for practical skills were also overdue for renovation. The basic structure of the building is a "concrete landscape" covered by wood sculpture. A quarter of the inner walls are concrete. The remaining 500 m2 form the "wooden landscape", provided with heavy underlayment panels covered with a whitewash layer. Metal stud walls on a steel frame were to form the base for this, but this turned out to be not feasible due to the low number of attachment points on the plasterboard and the weight of the finishing panels.

The solution

The high screw retention of the 40 cm-wide IW148 panels offered a solution. They allowed the Radiplex sheets to be attached at any place desired. In addition, blackboards and sanitary accessories could be suspended without using wood backing. This saves materials AND man-hours. Other aspects of the FAAY products, such as the high fire resistance and good sound-insulating properties were also very valuable reasons to make the choice for this project.

Even more advantages

Furthermore, the Faay panels are lighter and handier than the plasterboard of metal stud walls, and thus easier to use. Narrow 40 cm FAAY panels were used because the height was already about 3 m. One man can lift such a panel, thus the work goes faster. All these advantages also make Faay walls cheaper: they already contain all provisions, can be processed faster and simpler and are ready immediately after installation.

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