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Projeto Campo Belo

Projeto Campo Belo

Marlon Gama
São Paulo, Brazil | View Map
Project Year
Private Houses
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Green Armchair, Wine stools, Round table, Coffee table, Sofa, Borgandy Cough, Bed, Bench, Night tableB&B Italia
http://www.antiguidade.com.br/BEGAN Antiguidades
Provider of the wineryJoshua Adegas
HugsKian Tapetes
Chest, Table lampsOrbi

Product Spec Sheet
Green Armchair, Wine stools, Round table, Coffee table, Sofa, Borgandy Cough, Bed, Bench, Night table
Provider of the winery
Chest, Table lamps
by Orbi

Projeto Campo Belo

Marlon Gama as Architects

Owner / family profile:

Family with 3 children who value family life in common areas and piano lessons for children.


What are the owner's requests and expectations for the project and how they were met?

Large rooms with lots of space for family and friends.

A generous and integrated landscaping was also a very important request.


Is it about renovation or remodeling of interior design? If it was renovation, how was the internal distribution of the property?

It is a renovation where the opened terrace was integrated to the internal area of ​​the apartment.


Was it necessary to change electrical, hydraulic materials , etc.? Please specify the details and the reasons.

When we customize a project, it is fully adapted, mainly the electrical part in order to meet the new layout. Thus, all electrical material has been changed or relocated. As for the hydraulic points, we made connections in the restroom.

What is the inspiration and design of the project?

The inspiration is that the view integrates with the decoration. Free from buildings or skyscrapers in its front view, this apartment has a contemporary and spacious design integrated with noble materials such as marble and designer furniture


Is there a starting point for you to consider the key to the project?

The green color!!! We can find it on rugs, objects, furniture and landscaping!


Is there any previous feature of the property that was maintained for being special or at the owners' request?

Just the location of the fireplace but that received a new pagination which is coated in Marble


Which factors were analyzed for the choice of coating materials? What are the materials that stand out?

The Marbles are in great prominence in this apartment, for its nobility, timelessness and beauty!


Is there any ecological or technological material that deserves to be detailed?

All monophonic woods are certified. As well as the fabric of the furniture.


Is there any special object or accessory that deserves to be highlighted, for example, as something ordered abroad or some object of collection?

The customers are collectors of works of art. All carefully chosen in harmony with each other.

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