REI - Quartier du Parc - Reimerwee

REI - Quartier du Parc - Reimerwee

Kirchberg, Luxembourg

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Quartier du Parc - Reimerwee

AllesWirdGut as Architects

AllesWirdGut Architects really has had a headstart into the new year! Their residential design proposal came out winning against prominent international competition in an invitational held in Luxembourg.

AllesWirdGutconvinced the jury with an ensemble of two large and two smaller buildings accommodating a total of 110 apartments.

The stretched-out buildings in the Quartier du Parcin Kirchberg, Luxembourg, are situated on the northeastern edge of a development area.The northwestern side is bounded by Konrad Adenauer Boulevard.On the south side, the ensemble opens to ParcReimerwee.Due to their orientation and different rental systems, the two volumes are seen as “fraternal twins.” Together, they make a strong duo that have certain things in common on the outside, while their interiors are different.

Two point blocks complement the ensemble into a “family” of buildings. The differentiated articulation of the built volumes gives the whole ensemble at the Quartier du Parc its heterogeneous and varied appearance.

All apartments in the street-side block are oriented toward the park; each apartment has a balcony or terrace. On the ground floor level, there are maisonettes that are accessed through small front yards. Two street-facing stairwells provide access tothe upper-floor apartments and serve as an extended community area for various different uses (urban gardening, stroller parking, etc.). This establishes a central site of communication. As a transparent and airy garden house, the stairwell offers pleasant noise and weather protection.

Apartments in the buildings on the park side are oriented toward all sides which makes it possible to offer apartment types of different character. On the stepped storey, the efficient stairwell widens into a community area with a terrace,which can be used as a combination of library and utility room.

The building facades are horizontally structured by projecting floor slabs. These strips widen into spacious balconies in front of residential rooms. All-around railings add to the dynamic effect. The solid wall sections are black brickwork.This creates a contrast between the light balconies and the dark exterior walls and gives the buildings an elegance particularly appreciated by the jury.

The ensemble has two urban open spaces. Atransverse walkway expands into an elevated neighborhood terrace. The greenareas between the buildings serve as a neighborhood meeting point.

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