Revitalization of Mei Ho House as City Hostel

Revitalization of Mei Ho House as City Hostel

Architecture Design and Research Group Ltd
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Revitalization of Mei Ho House as City Hostel for Youth Hostels Association, Hong Kong

Architecture Design and Research Group Ltd as Architects

This project aims to revitalise Mei Ho House of Shek Kip Mei Estate into a youth hostel through sensitive adaptive re-use of the historic building under the “Revitalising Historic Buildings Through Partnership Scheme” introduced by the The Commissioner for Heritage's Office under the Hong Kong Development Bureau. Shek Kip Mei Estate plays a remarkable role in the public housing history as it was the first Mark I type public housing built in Hong Kong. Mei Ho House was designed as a resettlement with basic and simple features. It was a six-storey building characterized by two identical wings linked up by a cross piece forming the H-shaped plan. The balcony ran around the perimeter of each floor.

The project preserves both the tangible heritage (built heritage) and the intangible (the usage), ensures that the operation will be viable and sustainable, and aims to bring out the value of Mei Ho House through the preservation of its character defining elements. The new Mei Ho House will definitely contribute to the benefit of the Sham Shui Po District and its community socially and economically. The project also sets as an example for the revitalization of historical buildings as a social enterprise and makes it accessible to members of the public in Hong Kong.

The design and installation of building services for Mei Ho House revitalization project consider the future ease of operation and maintenance for operation as a city hostel. To integrate and contribute to the local community, adequate communal space is considered for leisure and interaction. The design of the city hostel will promote interaction among visitors which matched the “international and multi-cultural” image of the Youth Hostels Association.

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