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Rodeph Sholom School

Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects (MBB Architects) as Architects

Renovations to the Rodeph Sholom Lower School transformed the first and second floors of its 1960s era, Brutalist style building with a dynamic façade renovation, a new entrance and lobby, a library, an art room, offices and playdecks. Unifying the work is a projecting sculptural canopy which frames the new entrance and provides a welcoming experience for students and families.

MBB’s recommended expansion of the Rodeph Sholom Upper School into an adjacent five-story brownstone made a substantial impact on the school. The narrow townhouse was optimized efficiently to house new classrooms, a new library, an expanded gymnasium, and faculty offices. MBB’s design concept emphasizes sustainable practices and environmental awareness, and achieves LEED Certification.


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