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Mariela Apollonio
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ManufacturersArcelorMittal Construction
Manufacturersroom2030 consortium

Product Spec Sheet
by Jansen
by Roca

room2030 I when nature meets human technology

[baragano] as Architects

In 2018, the NH Collection Palacio de Avilés Hotel, in Asturias, decided to undertake an expansion of 22 rooms, over the existing building from the 17th century. The architecture studio [baragaño] presents a four-storey project, based on modular construction, and proposes, together with the ArcelorMittal R&D center, to create room 23, where it can test technologies to be implemented in the hotel.


Room 2030 was born to become a comprehensive technological solution that enables smart modular rooms to be manufactured in a sustainable, fast and efficient way, uniting the harmony of design and healthy habitat with frontier technology, digitization and connectivity.


In a first stage it is aimed at the hotel sector, although in the immediate term it will also focus on sectors where its activity revolves around a room: student residences, the elderly and hospitals.


Room 2030 is a Consortium that unites innovative and leading companies in various sectors, for three years, to integrate and test their solutions and technologies, in a habitable laboratory. Its values aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Consortium :

ArcelorMittal I [baragaño] I Cosentino I Ecus I Geopannel I Normagrup I Roca I Saint Gobain I NH Palacio de Ferrera Collection

Suppliers : 
Aretha I Jansen


This is not [just] a hotel room. It is also a meeting and gathering place, an event space, a work area and of course a room for rest.


The Modular Architecture [offsite], the fact that it has been produced in a factory, allows for greater speed, optimization of resources and minimal impact on the final site. The installation was completed in just four hours.


The design and manufacture of the modular space, to harmoniously integrate all the technologies and solutions of the consortium partners, has been developed by [baragaño] and some of the notable milestones are:


- 4 re _ configurable modules.
- Design hidden furniture I Up to 6 people capacity.

- Green cover and interior lichens.
- Heating graphene walls.
- Opaque glasses - transparent depending on the needs.
- Lighting focused on health. Reproduces cycle of the sun.
- Health through rest. Mattresses with rejuvenating probiotics.
- Insulation based on recovered textiles.
- Plastic chairs recovered from the sea.
- 1 room I 1 week manufacturing I 1 day of assembly.


The first module was installed at the Niemeyer Center in Avilés on January 31, 2020.The NH Palacio de Ferrera Collection Hotel will offer the experience of sleeping in a habitable laboratory, within the unbeatable framework of the work of the Brazilian architect, merging Art, Technology and Public.

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