Sant’Alessandro Primary School

Sant’Alessandro Primary School

Via Sant'Alessandro, Caronno Pertusella, VA, Italy | View Map
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Primary Schools
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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
ManufacturersForbo Flooring Systems
Façade Cladding –MegAbet Laminati
Concrete structureEDILE COMMERCIALE
Lighting FixturesNorlight Srl
Metal RoofTecnolattoneria Rossi

Product Spec Sheet
Façade Cladding –Meg
Concrete structure
Lighting Fixtures
Metal Roof

Sant’Alessandro Primary School

Settanta7 as Architects

The enlargement of Sant’Alessandro Primary School creates an effective link with the existing building, making a highly recognizable entrance hall.

We reduced the building footprint in order to preserve the garden as a playful and educational space.

Nature and its organic shapes are the concept of the building and, according to it, we designed sinuous and dynamic brisesoleil and canopies.After an in-depth solar and shadow study, moreover, we calculated the correct dimension and position of the sun shading elements.

The wooden structure of the roof has a peculiar corrugated profile that reminds the back of a dragon that is protecting its treasure.

The interior architecture, according to the ideas of contemporary pedagogy, aims to inspire children sociality and creativity; the project exceeds the traditional school layout, defining flexible, bright and interconnected spaces that allowto create various educational settings.

The discreet tonality of the facades contrasts with the interiors where we used colors as a playful element to underline the paths.

Sustainability has a key role in our project where materials and building envelope are designed in relation to the requirements of environmental comfort and energy saving.

The school, thanks to the X-LAM structure, cutting-edge facilities and the use of renewable sources,is a NZEB (Near Zero Energy Building), with very high energy performance.

Material Used:

1.   Mayr-MelnhofHolz – Wooden stuctures

2.   EDILE COMMERCIALE spa – concrete structure

3.   Esteels.r.l.+ rothoblass - Steel Structures

4.   Tecnolattoneria Rossi - Metal Roof

5.   Euroacustic - Acoustic Ceiling

6.   Ediltec – Thermal Insulation -  X-FOAM HBT

7.   ALsistem– Windows

8.   Forbo – Linoleum floors

9.   Abet laminati – Façade Cladding –Meg

Ideallux+Norlight – Lighting Fixtures

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Thermal Insulation - X-FOAM HBT
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