Sea Wolf

Sea Wolf

Astet Studio
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Salva Lopez

Sea Wolf ( Lobito de Mar )

Astet Studio as Architects

The proposal for Restaurant Lobito de Mar in Madrid Submerges the ambience of the sea into the capital, where seafood is the main focus of this gastronomical space. The beach and sea of Malaga with its marine tones of green and blue, and the toasted colors of its sand and wildlife are intertwined in the interior of Lobito de mar. The space on the ground floor is divided into two separate ambiences however strongly connected with the same leitmotif, the sea.


In the first space, “The Bar Resalao”, materials and textures were carefully selected to evoke subtle reminders of the typical fish markets with a sophisticated contemporary twist. Cold and warm materials alternate in the space such as brushed steel, granite, mirrors, walnut wood, terrazzo, and marine blues and whites. The treatment of the ceiling reminds us of the old structures where fish was sold. A set of beams are intertwined and create and interesting depth, while the bar with its deep majestic blue creates a contrast and acts as the main focal point of the space.


The walls are covered with white braided fabrics that mimic fishing nets which during the late hours of the night, are backlit with neon lights with forms of sea creatures to create a lounge like vibe for the guests of Lobito de Mar. The adjoining second space is called the “shipyard room”, with a very contrasting ambience to the Bar area. Walnut wood, warm whites and terracotta fabrics create a serene and warmer palette. Bespoke ceramic tiles that interchange color contrast with the warmth of the surrounding materials and remind us of the of the shiny reflections that fish scales create. Old sea paintings offer and intentional contrast with contemporary elements such as the blue and white fish sculpture and stainless-steel cladded walls creating a timeless ambience, all reflecting the diversity of the sea.


Navigating toward the basement floor, the staircase poses a contrast of tones and textures, a large wall covered with sand from the beach of Malaga brings Madrid closer to the calmness of the sea, and rope nets create a visual filter between the spaces. Going down the staircase, we land in a lobby cladded with red tiles and ribs of light that foreshadow the construction of the ship. Large paintings of fish are a reminder of the marine concept of the restaurant. The first private space adjoined to the lobby immerses us in the interior structure of a ship vessel tinted in burgundy red.


Mirrors act like windows through which you can see the sea, and burgundy colored art work of marine species adds richness to the dining space. The second private dining space takes us to the depth of the sea itself with its sand walls, mustard fabrics, sconces that look like sea urchins and shiny blue tiles. Mustard fabrics contrast with the bespoke blue tiles and their reflections along with the ones from the stainless-steel bar and mirrors add richness to the dining experience. The bathrooms are the maximum expression of the fish butchery. An industrial curtain separates the bathroom from the kitchen access.


A large sink that look like a trough, made of aged concrete, dominates the space while the cabins and their doors are a representation of how fish is conserved in refrigerators. Finally, the exterior continues with the same concept and color palette of the interior. The existing structure of the terrace was cladded with wood and glass and a dark blue translucent fabric hangs from the roof giving a sensation of sea waves. The furniture selection and natural colors, create a relaxed and sophisticated space.

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