Single Family House

Single Family House

Major Architekci
Stroza, Poland
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Private Houses
Macin Major

Single Family House

Major Architekci as Architects

Thanks to pre-war livestock buildings coutryside panoramas of Lower Silesia look really amazing. Very simple, brick walls and traditional roofs of stabels barns warehouses, and owners buildings, each with similar proportions, roof falls and color, create unique composition, hamonically fit in hilly agricultural landscape. This context that can be found in Stroza was the main inspiration for the design.

The house was designed for a four person family, for those who appreciate comfort and space, as well as contact with nature and the smooth blending of the house with a garden, for those who like modern solutions while maintaining the traditional form of the house.

The plot is located in a farm buildings neighborhood. An important view area to the west and north was used by salon glazing locations. The entrance to the property from the east separate the intimate space of the garden from the front public land. House refers to the traditional form of a farm building. The building consists of two blocks connected by entrance area. In one block thre is an area of common use, and the second block is a zone of personal use. Their position on the plan creates the letter V fining the same triangular terrace with an opening onto the garden.

House is designed in traditional technology. The walls of hollow ceramic. Finishing of the elevation of two main blocks was designed in contrast - a plaster painted white, the other - clinker black brick. The walls of the connection and a terrace covered with wood. Site in the living room on aluminum profiles.

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