Six Sections

Six Sections

Studio Link-Arc
Zhangzhou, Fujian, China | View Map
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Qingshan Wu

Six Sections

Studio Link-Arc as Architects

This project is located in a city park in Zhangzhou, located in southern China. We were invited to design an installation that would bring creativity, energy, and a sense of possibility to the site. The intent behind our project is to break down the traditional relationship between “artwork” and “viewer”. Instead of being viewed from a distance, our installation takes a further step—it invites viewers and passers-by inside. The viewers become part of the exhibition, and the installation connects art to architecture.


Formed from a 4x4x6 meter solid from which a series of cylinders are subtracted, the elevation of the installation is treated as an assemblage of metal shards. However, upon approach, the viewer will find that the shards have an additional dimension.  Upon entering the cylinders, visitors are surrounded by a reflective material, as if entering hyperspace. The intersections between the subtracted cylinders create oval sections that form multi-layered negative space inside the installation. As a result, the six exterior surfaces are considered elevations, are in reality six “sections”. The reflective stainless-steel material helps create an unpredictable spatial experience.

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