SMACH. Constellation of art, culture and history

SMACH. Constellation of art, culture and history

Studio PULS
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Gustav Willeit

SMACH. Constellation of art, culture and history

Studio PULS as Architects

SMACH is a land-art project born in 2012. It is a biennial open air exhibition that represents the combination of “art and nature”, where the latter acts as the display of the artistic creations, designed and tailored specifically to various sites. It started from an international art competition that celebrates where the involved artists, staged their works in places of historical and cultural interests in San Martin de Tor and Marebbe. 

Their artworks have the aim of sparking people's interest for art and enhancing the area of the Dolomites in which they are immersed. Through a dialogue between art and nature, the artists want to promote thorough and ongoing consciousness of the historical, cultural and traditional aspects of the area. 

Since the beginning, the project is grown and in 2018, the non-profit cultural association SMACH was founded to warrant the project’s goals: the biennial art competition, the art valley and collateral events.

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Villa Trisano

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