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Product Spec Sheet
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Spin Master

iN STUDIO as Architects

Spin Master is a leading innovator in children’s toys and entertainment. In need of a space to house their growing staff, which has over 600 employees, Spin Master engaged iN STUDIO as interior designer and consultant for their new, 100,000 square-foot Toronto office.


Chosen because of its prime location in the entertainment district of downtown Toronto, the space required a new fit-out in an existing office tower. Spin Master tasked iN STUDIO with creating a fully customized home for their employees that clearly reflected their brand and company culture. The workplace was designed to reflect the company’s story in an engaging and innovative way, while simultaneously serving as an incubator for the ideas that are hatched every day.


As a fundamentally creative company, Spin Master had a vision for their new workspace and was involved in the creative process from initial design stages through execution. Working in close collaboration, iN STUDIO leveraged innovative ideas brought to the table by Spin Master, fostering their evolution into forward-thinking design solutions that brought Spin Master’s visions to life.


iN STUDIO stripped the interior back to the building’s original concrete, creating a raw backdrop for the mostly open-plan office, reminiscent of what one would find in an old factory or warehouse. The new space reflects Spin Master’s humble beginnings with a start-up feel, handmade aesthetic, and informal vibe. In line with the company’s cutting-edge innovation, the latest technology is implemented throughout to facilitate presentation and communication across the globe and to energize the environment with Spin Master’s digital product. This is exemplified by a giant interactive video wall in the reception area where visitors and staff alike are encouraged to engage with the brand and products through the 16’ x 10’ touch screen display featuring graphics custom-designed by Spin Master.


The past, present, and future of Spin Master comes alive through a wayfinding “ribbon” that begins in the ground floor reception and weaves through the six-floor workspace. The path features installations that are a reminder of Spin Master’s history — encompassing not only the brand and its products, but the company’s ethos. This includes interactive technology, three-dimensional installations, historical artifacts, and product displays, set against a backdrop of unique finishes and meaningful, engaging graphics designed by Spin Master. An interactive history wall and museum-style product display also pay additional tribute to Spin Master’s evolution. 


When approaching the design throughout the rest of the office, iN STUDIO drew inspiration from the client’s product line-up. For example, the show-stopping “Block Stair,” a centerpiece of the space, playfully brings to life Spin Master’s Jumbling Tower, a stack of wooden building blocks, in the form of a statement staircase. Similarly, iN STUDIO and Spin Master worked together to create fun signage for the town hall made out of Spin Master’s Bunchums, colorful little balls that stick to each other.


Open and collaborative areas for team brainstorms are featured throughout, along with a cafe and town hall for larger staff gatherings and meetings. A children’s library showcasing a variety of products fosters child-like inspiration for creative teams and provides entertainment for younger guests as well. The tinker lab provides a behind-the-scenes look at where the magic comes to life. Equipped with a 3D printing lab and workshop, teams have the ability to prototype, test, and develop new innovations on-site. Photo and video studios are also available for creative teams.


The color palette leveraged throughout the space is a reflection of Spin Master’s products - varied, deep, and bright, offset by a backdrop of light woods and concrete in soft grays and crisp white. Alongside the electric blue of the Spin Master logo, the company’s energy comes forward through a full range of vibrant colors in custom graphics and acoustic finishes, and furniture - many pieces of which are custom as well. Height adjustable workstations and office suites are incorporated to provide additional comfort for employees, and biophilic elements bring nature into the mix. Spin Master’s new home epitomizes their company vision: to make life more fun.


Material Used :

1. Carpet and LVT — Interface 
2. Open Office, Meeting, and Feature Lighting — TPL Lighting 
3. Laminates — Octolam
4. Signage and Wayfinding — King WSI Sign 
5. Furniture — Haworth  
6. Glass Meeting Fronts — Muraflex  
7. Custom Tables and Furniture — Svend Nielsen Ltd. 

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