Sports Park Stozice

Sports Park Stozice


Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Matevž Lenarčič, Aerovizija

Football Stadium and Multi-Purpose Sports Hall of the Sports Park Stozice

SADAR+VUGA as Architects

SPORTS PARK STOŽICE Sports Park Stožice is a hybrid project. Its realisation is the result of the public-private partnership between the city of Ljubljana and Grep development company. The 187,500sqm Sports Park Stožice combines a football stadium and a multi-purpose sports hall with a large shopping centre, which is covered by a recreational park landscape. The two storeys of the shopping centre and the indoor car park occupy the 12-metre deep disused gravel pit. The park covering the roof of the shopping centre links the landscape by the river Sava across the northern section of the outer road ring with the green urban space in the city centre. The newly-built structure is integrated into the space so as to retain and emphasise the horizontal, planar character of the open space. The stadium and sports hall buildings frame the views of the Alps towards the north, and of the castle hill and city centre towers towards the south. Phase one of the project incorporates the stadium, sports hall, and the northern section of the park, and was officially opened on September 18, 2010.

THE CRATER OF THE FOOTBALL STADIUM The 16.000 seat football stadium is designed according to contemporary economic, sociological and environmental UEFA standards. Its design and shape provide ideal conditions for sporting events and ensure the perfect experience for the spectators. The football stadium is ‘sunken’ in the park – only the roof over the stands rises above the plane of the park as a monolithic crater. The roof cladding has the same finish as the sports hall. The plane is pierced by four flights of stairs that provide access and lead to the stadium’s concourse. The park’s plateau gradually descends to the east revealing the stadium as an open building, while the eastern entrances create the view into the interior of the stadium. A steel roof stretches high above the stands highlighting its 4x4m grid structure, emphasising the sensation of the interior. The stands descend from the concourse to the football pitch, enabling spectators to be very near to the action, while still covered by the roof. On the west side of the stadium, the concourse terminates at the VIP and media rooms. This section continues into the underground buildings with all the necessary amenities for the players, officials and media. In the context of the wider city landscape, the roof over the stands - the crater - becomes the stadium’s distinctive mark.

THE SHELL OF THE MULTI-PURPOSE SPORTS HALL The sports hall for 12,000 spectators is located in the north-western part of the park. The four levels of concourses and the lower, VIP, and upper stands are covered by a shell-shaped dome. The park’s plateau, the edge of the shell scallops and opens towards the interior. The ridges continue all the way to the top, where the facade meets the dome. This outlines the shape of the hall, a shell that opens towards the perimeter with large crescent openings overlooking the park. Along the entire perimeter, there is a canopy encircling the hall, acting as a de¬rivative to the scalloped shell. Like the stadium, the entire shell of the hall is also finished in exterior cladding that changes colour depending on the exterior conditions and viewing distance. The sports hall is a partially recessed building. Its volume is determined by the required seating capacity and the size of the basketball and handball court, which are the two sports that the hall is primarily intended for. The position of the stands ensures maximum compactness of the interior space and allows the spectators to be as close to the action on the court as possible. VIP seating is situated between the lower and the upper stands. The warm-up hall is connected to the main hall on the lowest floor, under the surface of the park. The whole interior surface of the shell is determined by the geometry of the steel structure - a large ornament that levitates above the upper concourse, stands, and courts. The lower, VIP, and upper concourses with kiosks surround the interior of the hall and open towards the park. The double height spaces and terraces interconnect visually the concourses and create a permeable space between the interior of the hall and the park. The crater of the football stadium and the shell of the sports hall on the park’s plateau become two tuned icons of the new Ljubljana.

THE PARK The park and shopping center are still under construction. The completion is scheduled for June 2011.

KEY DATES: Phase one official opening September 18, 2010 Shopping center and park completion mid-2011

PROJECT DATA Type: Leisure and Sport, Retail Source: International open competition, 1997 Client: Ljubljana City Municipality, Grep Site: Ljubljana, Slovenia Site Area : 182.600,00m2 Building Area: Stadium = 24.600,00m2, Sports Hall = 14.100,00m2, Park = 143.970,00m2 Levels: Stadium = 3 underground levels + GF Sports Hall = 2 underground levels + GF + 3 levels Shopping centre = 2 underground levels Parking = 2 underground levels Total floor Area : Stadium = 33.700,00m2, Sports Hall = 35.500,00 m2, Shopping centre = 91.000,00m2 (2nd phase) Underground parking garage = 134.000,00m2, Park = 143.970,00m2 Capacity: Stadium = 16.038 seats, Sports Hall = 12.484 seats Parking garage = 1.111 parking spaces + 62 bus parking + delivery (1st phase), 2.503 parking spaces (2nd phase) Structure: Stadium = reinforced concrete with prefab elements, steel roof structure Sports Hall = reinforced concrete with prefab elements, steel roof structure Shopping centre = reinforced concrete structure Cladding: Stadium = glass, facade panels Sports Hall = glass Roof : Stadium= green roof, alu-shingles Sports Hall= alu shingles

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