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In the summer of 2019, a large-scale youth festival "Tavrida-Art" was held in Crimea. The event, which was attended by 92 thousand people in three days, was conducted on the highest level. Guests and participants of “Tavrida-Art” even gave it unofficial name – “Russian Burning Man”. The Moscow architecture Bureau Noor Architects was engaged in developing the festival infrastructure. 

The selection of the territory for festival of such level is very responsible business. The location should impress people just by its appearance. Kapsel Bay is such a place. It is located near the Meganom Cape, protected from the winds and beautiful at any time of the day.  Climate and time have turned this bay into real Martian landscape, which plays a part of a nature decoration. 

Temporary redevelopment means little interference in the usual structure of the site, which helped us in our work. Landscape of the valley itself is interesting and complex. Designing is such place is not easy, but interesting. 

The infrastructure of the festival occupied 55 hectares. The main difference of event architecture is that it must be alive. The cultural space of "Tavrida-Art" was created not to be frozen, but to work as an experimental art platform, where the bay and the seaside/coast act as dynamic background. 

Bureau also needed to develop quality facilities for cultural events. These are halls for master-classes, stages, tents, areas for stuff, etc.  The festival territory was structurally divided into 5 large functional zones. These are waking area, event area, and area for hosting guests of festival, area for honorable guests and official persons, art-objects and service zone. 

Generally, during the organization of the festival a lot of engineer work was done. The power lightning, electricity supply, technical and drinking water supply – all this was created of a scratch. On practice, infrastructure has fully managed its task. For three days, 834 events and events were held on the stages of "Tavrida".

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