Tent House

Tent House

Atelier Riri
Jakarta, Indonesia
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Tent House

Atelier Riri as Architects

Located on a suburban area of Jakarta with a regulation of water reservoir leaves only half of the site for the house. This gives a reminder for Atelier Riri to design the house with a deeper appreciation toward the surrounding. A softer gesture for the nature leads to a tent-like-shaped roof, which also create a strong character and identity for this two-story house. The inspiration is coming from a camping ground nearby, which evolve into the shape of the roof as it refers to the shape of the house. The natural look of the trees around the site create a perfect contrast with the dark red color of the roof, but still nice to look at. With this strong color, the roof is using a friendly recycle able metal to support the concept of sustainable living. The house only occupies half of the site while the rest of it is for greeneries area and open space. The effective details of the windows and openings give a god flow for the air and access for the sunlight to brighten the spaces inside. The architect manages to create a clear dialog between interior and exterior without excluding the need of visual aesthetic. Proportional position of the windows gives a great framing to the views, and gives a nice expression on the exterior look. A touch of yellow in the interior space gives a sense of harmony with the trees and natural surrounding. Meanwhile, the use of plain walls and wood reveal the warmth and cheerful character of the owner. Spaces in this two-story house are made for a young couple with a child. As privacy will evolve in their life, Atelier Riri divide the territory of public and service area on the first floor, and more private function in the upper floor which consist of master bedroom, child bedroom, and one bathroom. Overall, the design of the house successfully represents the character of the owner through the shape, composition of materials and colors, friendly detail to the outdoor space and a good transition between the green surrounding to the house. At the end, the design is an example of how a tropical-concerned house appears with uniqueness and warmth.

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