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The Baradari

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Baradari: an ingenious Indian air conditioning system incorporating a twelve doored pavilion designed to allow free flow of air.


While the baradari is quite common in the Northern part of India (Patiala even has a palace called the Baradari) our team thought it would be interesting to implement the corridor in the hospital town of Perinthalmanna in Kerala!


The residence of a doctor couple, this project was to be more than just a mere living space. While providing all the comforts of home, the space had to cater to the owner's passion for nature.


The team converted this 3485 sqft plot into a graceful villa seamlessly blending tradition with user friendly modern aesthetics. 


One enters the house, through a small yet picturesque garden before arriving at green marbled foyer.  Leading into the residence is an elegant teak wood door which is capped with an arched window. The design team had a lot of fun playing with levels and so the villa has a sub-basement car park, living, kitchen, dining space and a two bed rooms at ground level, an entertainment room at mezzanine level and two guest bedrooms at the first floor.


It is the first floor that houses the pièce de résistance the ‘Baradari’ which opens onto the terrace. The terrace designed to give the kids a private place to play houses a gazebo and a lap pool, while proving ample space for the owner to indulge in his passion for exotic plants.


The residence, aptly named Sukoon (Persian for tranquillity) incorporates functional amenities which are now standard to projects designed by Cobblestones. Large sunroofs form an essential part of the elaborate rain water harvesting system. The marble flooring and the open jaalis have been judiciously placed to increase the cross ventilation. Wrought iron grill work protect all balconies, adding to the grandeur of the facade also creates a wonderful contrast to the honey coloured walls


The interior design team weren’t one to be left behind, converting structural niches to showcasing carefully chosen artwork. A Jharoka inspired wall piece found space in the dining room, while a Kashmiri tapestry with an intricately carved console spices up the arched corridor leading up to the bedrooms. A rose wood crockery shelf for those delicate piece of china while the TV niche resembles a display in a technology museum!


The coming together of tradition and modernity, the blend of man-made with nature, the marriage of architecture to interior design, one can’t help but reflect that Sukoon is such an apt name for this residence.

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