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The Island

The Island

Clément Lesnoff-Rocard

Gil Percal
Paris-La Défense, France | View Map
Project Year
Simone Bossi
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
oran, Oran Kap
Curtain FabricVescom B.V.
KitchenArmony Cucine
Floor lampArtemide
Seater Dutchbone
Bar Velvet lounge chair
Floor tilesGIGACER
Argila Vetiver

Product Spec Sheet
oran, Oran Kap by Kreon
Curtain Fabric
Capri by Vescom B.V.
Fenix by Armony Cucine
Floor lamp
Dioscuri by Artemide
Bar Velvet lounge chair by Dutchbone
Floor tiles
Argila Vetiver by GIGACER

The Island

Clément Lesnoff-Rocard as Architects

Located on the outskirts of Paris, at the very foot of La Défense, an otherworldly accumulation of oversized high risers, the house stood almost lost on the edge of a tiny little street that ends abruptly abutting the massive fundaments of a cluster of towers. This brutal situation, in between high density modernist utopia and the modestly grandiloquent 19th century architecture, emphasizes the feeling of being a tiny little Défense-less being.


The house seemed like an oyster without a shell, lost in the ocean. Luckily it was articulated around a little exotically planted patio garden and we decided at the first visit with my partner Gil Percal that this house had to be protected from this outer predatory world, turning its back to the street and only looking at itself, its garden and its own qualities, yet to be found.


What a moment of divine beauty, when you make way for this other truth where your usual trivial facilities become natural elements. When your grey green tiled floor becomes shallow water. When your long concrete sofa becomes a sand beach where the water tickles your feet. When a massive oak tree table becomes the big tree around which you gather as a family.


When a matte black kitchen becomes the charcoal you found in the burnt forest. When a towering library becomes the cliff you climb everyday, and the books in it become the stepping stones that help you get higher. When an oversized curtain becomes a waterfall, or even just the wind. When a white concrete curved bridge becomes a stratus, a low cloud, passing quietly above your head. When a gigantic bay window becomes nothing but the sky, with its sunsets and sunrises. When a wooden staircase emerging from the shallow water becomes the beginning of a path to go somewhere else, up the mountain, above the clouds.


Then you see it. It is your island, it is the island of everything. You can now close your book, put it back on the shelf and go for a walk in your garden, the real one.


Material Used :
General joinery : RCPM
Windows and Glass Work : Alufenox
Kitchen : Parallels SAS & Armony Cucine
Upholstery for 8m sofa : Christophe Lafond 
Curtains : Galeo
Dining table : design Clément Lesnoff-Rocard, joinery Martin Keller
Pendant light over dining table : Oran Kap by Kreon
Architectural lighting : Kreon
Decorative lamps :
Floor lamp Artemide Dioscuri
Wall lamp Nemo Marseille Le Corbusier
Wall lamp Nemo Grande Charlotte Perriand
Specific full body white concrete with special latex mixture.
Floor tiles : Argila Vetiver 120x120 by Gigacer
Wood : Oak tree with extra mat varnish from Cypall
Kitchen : Black Fenix from Armony Cucine
Grey paint : Farrow and Ball Shaded White
Electric material : Schneider Odace Styl Black
Sofa fabric : Romo Linara Porridge
Curtain Fabric : Vescom Capri
Chairs : Zuiver OMG Green
Seater : Dutch Bone Bar Velvet lounge chair

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