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COORDINATION ASIA designs an unexpected attraction for Shanghai Museum of Glass Park Having just completed the new Design Wing in Shanghai Museum of Glass Park, award-winning design agency COORDINATION ASIA has opened another project in the prolific museum park.

The MAZE, an indoor attraction comprised of mirrors and lights to form infinite illusions, is now open to the public and ready to be explored.

The MAZE uses cubicles of glass to create paths for visitors to wander in and out of. With 318 panels made up of patterned black mirror glass, mirrors, and transparent glass inside an area of 575 sq m, the design utilises dark, moody lighting for an illuminated and haunted look. As if walking through a surreal dreamlike world, the mirrors reflect lights and shadows throughout the entire space, making the maze appear endless. A nature soundscape that changes throughout different sections of the maze adds more deception to the senses.

Upon entering the building, visitors receive a game card featuring eight different shapes. The goal is to find the same shapes within the maze – shown in light – and stamp the card with an embossing press at each station. Those who are able to collect all eight receive a special certificate as they exit. As each shape is reflected in light throughout multiple cubicles, the task is particularly challenging. Since it’s test run earlier this summer, over 12,600 people have attempted to solve this life-size puzzle.

From a design point of view, the idea came from a need for an exciting, creative experience catered to a more mature demographic that likes to share these moments with friends. “We wanted to create a playground that still fit the Shanghai Museum of Glass Park world. We didn’t want it to be like other mazes where everything looks the same – the use of glass and mirrors make this a different experience entirely,” says COORDINATION ASIA founder Tilman Thürmer.

Tilman joined forces with Shanghai Museum of Glass Park president Zhang Lin in 2011 to create the originative Shanghai Museum of Glass, later expanding the idea of a museum park with the Kids Museum of Glass, Rainbow Chapel, and much more. What began as simply a love for glass organically grew into an artistic hub and a passion project for Tilman, who later joined the Park’s permanent team as Vice President and Design Director. The new attraction is yet another way in which the Park establishes itself as a cultural destination for those seeking an alternative experience in Shanghai's design scene. The MAZE was a fun-filled and unforgettable experience, and COORDINATION ASIA continues to look for exciting and unconventional projects to tackle.

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