The Twin Hotel

The Twin Hotel

Bãi Cháy, Hạ Long, Quảng Ninh, Vietnam
Project Year
Hiroyuki Oki; HGAA

The Twin Hotel

HGAA as Interior Architects

Nowaday in Vietnam, resort projects in tourist areas are growing massively, with many different architectural styles. Among them is the Shophouse model, with the advantage of using the ground floor, moderate height, in which the space can be divided or combined flexibly depending on the capabilities and needs of the investors. Besides, the demand for accommodation of tourists increased, so the model of small to medium-sized hotels and homestays was born. Most of them have not been invested in long-term design and construction, mainly short-term projects with low investment and short payback period.


The Twin Ha Long Hotel was renovated by combining 4 Shophouse units with a total of 2000m2 of floor area. With the goal of investing a well-designed hotel, reasonable space division, ensuring the necessary amenities for guests, consistent with the architectural style of the project but still achieving a modern design , ensuring business efficiency and meeting actual needs


The hotel has 2 similar blocks with 5 floors and 1 floor, divided into 45 rooms, with 4 different room types to suit the business requirements. The first floor is a reception area, kitchen and restaurant serving food and coffee. From floors 2 to 5 are the rooms. The front of the house and the size of the windows cannot be changed, which is also a limitation for the layout of furniture, interior space, however the goal is that all rooms are well lit and ventilated. and view out. The attic floor is used for meeting, technical and staff lounge


The interior space is designed to be simple and convenient with reasonable investment costs. Therefore, the main interior materials used are industrial wood and elegant color tiles. Most bathroom partitions are made of glass, to create a spacious feel and a good view from the inside. The main highlight in the interior design idea is to use impressive colors, to bring a sense of excitement to the space, while creating a connection of colors from the exterior facade into the interior.


The project has strived to preserve the overall harmony from outside to inside, from architecture to interior, which we consider to be very difficult for any renovation project on an existing building.


Material Used:

1. An Cuong MDF Board - Furniture

2. Hafele – Furniture Accessories

3. Flexfit – Furniture Construtor

4. Bach Ma; Viet Ceramic – Floor Tiles

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FurnitureAn Cuong Wood
Furniture AccessoriesHäfele
Bach Ma – Floor TilesVietceramics
Product Spec Sheet
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Furniture Accessories
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Bach Ma – Floor Tiles
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