Three Capes Track Lodges

Three Capes Track Lodges

Andrew Burns Architecture
Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia | View Map
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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Hardieflex - CladdingJames Hardie
Timber Flooring – Tasmanian OakBritton Timbers
Roof Sheeting – Accent 35Colorbond
External Paint – Bridge Paint 'Graphite'Murobond
Decking – Silvertop Ash New DeckRadial Timber Sales

Product Spec Sheet
Hardieflex - Cladding
Timber Flooring – Tasmanian Oak
Roof Sheeting – Accent 35
External Paint – Bridge Paint 'Graphite'
Decking – Silvertop Ash New Deck

Three Capes Track Lodges

Andrew Burns Architecture as Architects

Andrew Burns Architecture have completed construction of two light weight steel and timber framed lodges in the remote Tasman National Park. Commissioned by leading private tourism operator, Tasmanian Walking Company, the project has been completed in September 2018 and forms a benchmark in the remote tourism sector.


The two Three Capes lodges sit atop spectacular dolorite cliff top sites, up to 300m above the sea, accessed by the newly constructed Three Capes Track. The buildings are designed to play a secondary role to the heroic landscape in which they sit, yet offer a unique guest experience on the edge of this grand natural theatre.


The buildings step gently down the hill, following the natural topography, holding close to the contour and enabling the roof lines to sit below the tree canopy. Further visual softening is provided through the varying stain of timber batten screens, avoiding the presence of large undifferentiated surfaces and ensuring that the buildings blend with the natural landscape. Potential impacts on park visitor experience were identified and mitigated through a detailed viewshed analysis process, assessing visual impact from all key scenic and track locations.


As this is a highly sensitive environment, with rugged terrain, fragile plant, animal and ecosystems, a large proportion of construction and fabrication occurred off-site, via full volumetric prefabrication, panelised components and conventional steel and aluminium fabrication. All materials were brought to site via helicopter.


Predominantly constructed with non-reflective Tasmanian materials, the lodges feature suspended floors to ensure minimal ground disturbance. All servicing systems, water tanks and battery store are in a sub floor beneath the main level of each building, with open lower decks also functioning as a helipad for supply drop-off and removal of all waste.


Environmental technologies allow for future proofing as new technology is developed or refined. Advancements include the introduction of Swedish ‘Orbital’ recirculating showers, enabling shower water to be recirculated and requiring only 5 litres of water total per shower. Nebia misting have also been utilised, reducing flow rate and providing a quality showering experience through the use of high pressure misting technologies that require a fraction of the water consumption of a standard shower. Innovative power generation has been incorporated through an archimedes wind turbine, which provides significant power generation with an inverted cone rotor that does not pose risk to bird-life. A significant solar and battery array provides the bulk of the power supply to the sites.


Material Used :
1. Colorbond – Roof Sheeting – Accent 35
2. James Hardie – Hardieflex - Cladding
3. Murobond – External Paint – Bridge Paint ‚Graphite’
4. Radial Timber Sales – Decking – Silvertop Ash New Deck
5. Brittons Timbers – Timber Flooring – Tasmanian Oak

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