Tia Clinic

Rockwell Group as Architects


The Tia Clinic is a fully integrative “one-stop-shop” for female health with gynecology, primary care, and wellness under one roof. It’s healthcare reimagined forwomen by women. The first Tia Clinic is the latest evolution of the healthcare startup’s products and services. Tia began as an app—and the clinic is “powered by” this app, which includes a comprehensive health and wellness tracker, personalized answers to top health questions, and a digital health record controlled by the user. At the Tia Clinic, patients can now share this data with their care team for more streamlined, informed service.


Design Concept:

The Tia Clinic pairs science, technology, and community with real world healthcare services to create a radically inclusive, highly personalized, and compassionate experience that sets a new standard for women’s health. Rockwell Group wanted to imbue the clinic’s design with this philosophy, from the choreography of the patients’ and practitioners’movement within the clinic, to materials. The FF&E features white-painted brick, white oak floors, terrazzo, pops of blue, and white ribbed wood. Rather than a typical doctor’s office, the space has a hospitality feel, with a white palette and pops of bright colors from custom commissioned artwork by womenand upholstered furniture. The curves of the female form are celebrated through graphic murals with organic shapes, signaling a “feminine universe.” The Tia app is centered on open conversations between women and caregivers, and the physical clinic conveys the same sense of safety, comfort, transparency,and community. Rockwell Group distilled a digital platform with a clear brand identity into materials. For example, the custom terrazzo takes cues from Tia’s speckled branding moments. The fabrics and wall coverings play off of the desaturated tones of Tia’s digital interface.


Design Details:                   


The Clinic’s lobby and entrance conveys convenience and clarity, signaling that Tia is frictionless, clear, and accessible and putting patients at ease. When patients arrive, they are greeted by a curved white, ribbed wood reception desk with a terrazzo surface. A graphic environmental muralcovers the walls with speckled, amoebic shapes in pastels and grays.


Living Room

Rather than a typical “waiting room,” Rockwell Group created the Living Room as a space that encourages members to choose their own adventure.Wellness and educational talks will take place here, and the Living Room softly and warmly assumes holds space for those events, while also creating a safe feminine universe. One half of the room provides the amenities, such as the F&B and retail, while the other half is primarily dedicated to a built-in curving sofa and chair, along with a curated selection of books and magazines (making it the perfect place to wait for an appointment). Acustom, modular amoeba-shaped pouf can be assembled into various configurations to serve different types of seating needs. The retail and F&B side of the room features a niche with a sink and mini-fridge, and a window-rail for snacking. All products for sale are from women-owned companies. An oversized organically shaped mirror is boldly outlined in gray.


Flex Space

Entered from the Living Room through an arched, wood portal, the Flex Space is an open room with whitewashed brick walls, two red built-in channel-tufted benches, soundproof yellow velvet drapery, and views of Madison Square Park from the window-wall. A custom neon window sign can be seen from the street. A white curtain pulls down for projections when needed. This is a purposefully minimal space that is perfect for activities such as yoga and meditation, or presentations.


Exam Rooms

Exam rooms are located off of a narrow corridor lined in white ombré glass that goes from opaque at the bottom to clear at the top of the exam room doors. Opposite the exam rooms, the wall is opaque and mirrored. The graphic mirror in the lobby/reception area continues onto the ceiling of the hallway to draw visitors’ eyes upward. An ombré canvas curtain hangs behind each exam door, adding tiers of privacy and bringing color into the hallway. Exam rooms features a monolithic wood storage unit with rolling doors that contain medical supplies and a sink. The other half of the storage unit is an armoire for patients where they can find a robe, a place to hang clothes, socks, and a charging ledge, dignifying the exam process. The rooms feature the same custom black and white terrazzo that can be found in reception and in the kitchen niche.


Rear Waiting Room

A rear waiting room has a custom sofa, glowing round pendant, velvet drapery, and a custom phlebotomy chair.



Cheerful bathrooms feature canary yellow penny tile and a custom wall covering featuring testimonials from Tia patients, connecting the service back to its community.

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