Tochka na Karte Сountry Hotel

Tochka na Karte Сountry Hotel

Priozersk, Leningrad Oblast, Russia
Project Year

Tochka na Karte Сountry Hotel

RHIZOME as Architects

Year: 2017

Size: 1500 m2

Location: Priozersk, Leningrad Region, Russia

Status: Completed


Evgeny Reshetov, Tatiana Sinelnikova, Anastasia Voropaeva, Lubov Lukonina, Julia Korovina, Ilya Belyakov, Yelizaveta Morozova, Artem Stepanov


‘Tochka na karte’ country hotel (Russian for ‘a point on the map’) is located 120 kilometers away from Saint-Petersburg on the shore of the Lake Ladoga. The hotel complex consists of prolonged 2-storey blocks of double rooms, detached suites and a reception building.


The hotel is designed in a prefabricated technology: 3.5x7m modules are assembled at the factory and then delivered to the site with interior finish, networks and sanitary engineering inside. These modules are almost ready to welcome guests: the rest of work is to connect them to a power supply and arrange the furniture. Nowadays this project is the only case of modular architecture of public facilities in Russia that has an architectural value.


The hotel comprise 3 blocks: 32 standard rooms, detached suites and reception building.  One module is a standard room 18 sq. m in area. A suite room is assembled from two modules. The reception building is pieced together from three modules and some prefabricated elements. 


An extended range of the hotel modules consists of four 2-storeys blocks interconnected by stairways and terraces. Terrain forms, trees layout and our strive to provide a view of the shore from every room constitute the buildings’ location on the site. The modules are located so that the whole bulk of buildings is ‘dispersed’ among the pine trees. 


The context of the northern nature of Karelia defined the architectural design: the hotel is situated at the point where the Vuoksi river runs into the Lake Ladoga. The first consequence of this context was to maximize the interaction between a resident and environment. It is expressed in a floor-to-ceiling glazing with a view of the Lake Ladoga from each room. The second is selected materials and patterns. An abundance of wood and dark metal in exterior finish shifts a focal point from architecture highlighting the nature as the protagonist in this space.

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