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Le Corbusier tried to describe his most prevailing impression on his first visit to Istanbul with only one word: “silhouettes”. The topography of the city’s rolling hills together with the astonishing composition of mosques and their minarets present already a traditional sight and a panorama of a skyline now rising high up. For us architects to influence this exceptional composition is the biggest challenge ever and means an enormous responsibility to the present and future population of Istanbul and any visitors to fall in love with this city.

The district of Mecidiyeköy is one of the most dynamic areas in İstanbul, located on the transfer route, the link between the two continents Europe and Asia. Being an intersection point of metrobus, subway and highway, it became one of the most busiest traffic districts in İstanbul, receiving 4 million people per day.

From different points in the city, the same identity is remarked as different perspectives with the building`s ascending and descending form. The assymetry of the facade, the varying inclines are recognised as a trademark characteristic of the project no matter where it is observed. However, a building of this scale is expected to be static, yet the two sculptural towers with their prismatic and angular facades, give one a feeling of movement. Therefore the dynamism of the location is reflected by the building itself. The motion of the volumes is expressed with contrast; black and white. By those impacts, one traveling on the highway E5 would perceive the towers turning around their own core.

Each tower is a composition of volumes attached to the core and seperated by a transparent corridor area providing natural light to the circulation areas. The ratio of transparent and opaque surfaces on the facade were carefully considered to achieve a maximum efficiency in terms of lighting, heating and cooling and supports the architectural expression with its varying rhytms.

The two towers, 39 floors residential, 37 floors office, were positioned on the diagonal corners of the five storey shopping mall to ensure that one tower would not obstruct the others view to the Bosphorus and the Marmara See. The top of the shopping mall has been designed as a 6000 sqm roof garden for social activities.

Trump Towers is a 260.000 sqm mixed use project that has brought new energy and a comprehensive infrastructure to the region, adding plus value to the social life by combining residences, offices, shopping, entertainment and public transportation under the same roof.

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