ttt transportable tourist tower

ttt transportable tourist tower

José Manuel Pequeno, Architect
Shanghai, China
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ttt transportable tourist tower, a.k.a. "the moving castle"

José Manuel Pequeno, Architect as Architects

ttt transportable tourist tower, which integrates energetic modular technologies, is an architectonic response to the new challenges of the global market, in which mobility, industrialization and multi-functionality are associated with the opportunities in the construction sector. This tower has 3 stories with a total height of 9m and provides 30 m2 of useful area. It is an autonomous and self-sufficient space, geared towards both a new concept of nature tourism - beaches, forests, vineyards or the countryside – and urban flexibility. Designed to be transportable and with a reduced construction impact, it is suitable in natural environments where there are no pre-existing infrastructures. This self-sufficient micro-home, using timber as main material and spreading it as a final product, is a new concept of sustainable construction – a habitable design piece which merges with nature.

The presented product reinterprets, reinvents and recreates new horizons in the application of sustainable solutions, fused with traditional inspirations. That is the spirit of its impact. Its cultural support based on the constructive approach to nature and its renewable resources.


ttt transportable tourist tower is an innovative and sustainable project which was presented for the very first time to the public in EXPO 2010 Shanghai China, at the utterly restricted and important area reserved for the best urban practices of the world (UBPA).

Throughout six months of exhibition – May 1st 2010 to October 31st 2010 – these projects attained national and international recognition from the organization, media, specialists in the field of construction and also visitors.

Upon invitation of the Chinese organization, this participation represented Portugal at the highest level as the second Portugal Pavilion – by virtue of the Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Development of Portugal at EXPO – as a widely recognized and awarded Portuguese technology.

This technology, 100% Portuguese, was developed by a partnership between a large and successful Portuguese building company, dst s.a. – – and a prestigious state university, renowned in the field of innovation and technology, University of Minho – Both products are under industrial and intellectual protection of patents and model protections, which apply to the entire European territory, as well as the People’s Republic of China.

Product Information

Further information can be easily found through a simple search on the internet, particularly by means of the name – “torre turística transportável”; “transportable tourist tower”; –, and also through the official website:, in Portuguese, Chinese and English, in which applicable scientific and technical information is available.

Symbolic implementation

The public presentation and participation of the present technologies attained such level of success and media impact that the organization of EXPO 2010 Shanghai China selected and requested ttt transportable tourist tower – mainly a 1/3 scale model also featured in the exhibition – to be a part of the permanent exhibition at the Museum of all Expos, due to be built in Shanghai. Subsequently to all this process, the life size model of ttt, which was a part of the reputed UBPA in EXPO 2010 Shanghai China, was officially donated by Portugal to the People’s Republic of China on August 8th 2011, thus perpetuating this participation.

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