Seoul, South Korea
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Urban Hive

Archium as Architects

The essential component of architecture is structure. It is the absolute role of structure that overcoming gravity and creating space. As for a high-storied building with repeated typical floors, structure is the most important element. Structure is frame of space. Common sense says that the frame is first created and added with clothes later. Common sense is formal solution. But, it is often stereotyped. If clothes are first created and the frame is created later in a reversed way, the essence of architecture will be changed.

Rather than creating shape with distortions and controls, I wanted to make clear space with simplicity. Structure can be reveal with turning common sense that is the composition between interior and exterior over. Completing structure is completing of space. And space is the result of architecture.

Thick concrete wall that divides indoor and outdoor is just for bearing out weight, it is not closing space. So, it must be bored for connection between indoor and outdoor. Concrete that is bored is alike light sponge. The openings are for space. The openings are keys to architectural expression. However, how to look at the openings is more important than what the openings themselves looked like.

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