Vander Urbani Resort Ljubljana

Vander Urbani Resort Ljubljana

Krojaška ulica, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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David Lotric

Vander Urbani Resort Ljubljana

SADAR+VUGA as Architects

Hotel Vander is a new hotel design located in the historic centre of Ljubljana. The hotel is constructed within the interior space of four historic adjacent buildings. The design of the building plan is spread vertically, with a ground floor space that serves as the main public part of the building and contains the reception, restaurant and bar/lounge areas. The next three levels are organised around a vertical atrium with stairs and contain 16 rooms. The top floor of the hotel includes a glasshouse with a large open terrace and pool.

The exterior facade of the building remains untouched and preserved. Conversely, upon entrance to the hotel you enter a new identifiable area that is the innovative space of Hotel Vander. The design of the hotel was based upon the kaleidoscopic play of 3D patterns in different materials, and reflections that extend the borders of the constructed space. Due to the reflections created inside the building, the visitor becomes a part of the interior.

The rooms are designed with light colours, textile floors and contain glass partition walls to the bathrooms. Rooms appear to be more like homely living rooms, due to custom designed furniture pieces such as the black tables and mirrored wish box with mini bar.

A special feature of the hotel is the long terrace with wooden decking and swimming pool. All the floors inside the building are interconnected with a vertical hall that also serves as a light shaft. In addition the northern wall of the atrium is cladded with a hanging metal curtain which allows light to diffuse inside the core of the building.

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Internal Landscape Villa
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Internal Landscape Villa

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