Venus Tower

Venus Tower

OFL Architecture

Incheon, South Korea
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Venus Tower by OFL architecture + FUERALAB

OFL Architecture as Architects

The concept design for the master plan and city tower of the City of Incheon comes from a single moment, an inspiration, hence, a re-discovery and re-interpretation of a master piece: Botticelli’s Birth of Venust. We propose to base our design concept on the Birth of Venus, reinterpreting the act of birth, the birth of a new City that rises from a large body of water and a rich blend of cultural diversity: the cosmopolitan city of past, present and future. The building envelope has been first conceived as a sculptural artifact. To translate the free (fluid) form into a defined geometry that can be built with today’s construction methods and within a reasonable budget is one of the key challenges for a unique project like this one. There is no differentiation between façade and structure. The whole building envelope has been merged into one continuous sculptural element composed of two different systems: an external glass plane and an internal organic concrete mesh. This double skin envelop has been carefully crafted to give the building an almost fluid appearance of soft transition from concave and convex, from transparent to opaque.

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Greentown Yiwu Peach Blossom Land Living
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