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YIC Yachai Innovation Center

YIC Yachai Innovation Center

TEC Taller EC
Urcuqui, Ecuador | View Map
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YIC Yachai Innovation Center

TEC Taller EC as Architects

The concept of the project originates from the analysis of two fundamental premises, on one hand the use (defined as the program) and the immediate environment (location and comfort). If a traditional office building, where the typical floor consists of an opaque core in the middle of the building; this project breaks this paradigm by completely reversing this composition to generate transparency inside the building through a central hole, creating relationships between the floors, like an open building that seeks that its inhabitants can relate when creating knowledge.


While an individual form of work is done in every office or space, the building suggests areas for collective meeting for the construction and transmission of knowledge among the people who live in it, that`s why 3 fundamental spaces are introduced to break the rigid program, these multifunctional spaces such as the internal lounge room, auditorium and outdoor lounge area are part of the route of the building from its entrance on the ground floor to the top floor where the strategy is to propose an open space with views of the spectacular landscape


Due to the morphology of the terrain and the different sizes of spaces required in the program - a large central open space is proposed, perforating the mass of the building at all levels which is used to generate the different passive systems of natural ventilation (ventilation by chimney - cross ventilation) and the entrance of sunlight that bathes the building in its interior, lowering the use of artificial light in the incubation rooms and meeting rooms.


The materiality of the building complements its concept; all the facades facing the streets are covered with a external permeable skin as an element of visual and sensorial transition of the direct relationship between the external and internal activities of the building. This skin allows the entry of natural light in a sensible way, the combination of the glass facade functions as a double shell that filters the natural light and natural heat. The weather of urcuquí permits the creation of elevated gardens with balconies in the various levels that generate a passive cooling system and comfort in all the spaces.


The building’s character is a direct response to the program (organization) and environmental comfort, in which a timeless volume is proposed that not only responds to the pragmatic conditions but also to the urban context and which beyond being architecture, the elemental nature of the building is reflected in the complexity of its systems, each of these has a specific function that will allow the building to operate effectively over time.

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