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Zak Ik

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Zak Ik


An exclusive fashion boutique at AZULIK Tulum, which combines fashion, design, architecture, jewelry and art, within a space full of contrasts, textures, sensations and routes that invites you to discover the collections of the store. The design respects the existing trees, adapting the construction to the natural configuration of the ground inviting you to walk barefoot through the polished concrete finish, with footpaths and ramps over water mirrors, tunnels of natural leaves, spaces with nets and interior vegetation.

The structure built with wood from the Yucatan Peninsula, such as jiles and bejuco, placed by Mayan artisans, evokes the surrounding jungle where the boutique is located. These processes recover local materials and techniques, discovering the potentialities of the natural, cultural and human capital of the region; guided by a firm commitment to sustainability and the hierarchy of native knowledge.

The respect for the nature is the principal ideal of the design proposal, the nature has been here before mankind and will be after. The premise of preserving all the trees within the space gave us the opportunity to build around nature, respecting it and learning from it.

The warmth and texture of the material brings the jungle as phisical part of the project, in different scale approaches, details, cover layer and structure that envolves the inner space.

The concrete follows the natural shape of the ground below and flows throughout the space becoming furniture which are not straight and lose weight as it moves between the void of the trees.

Material Used:

1. Bejuco

2. Ferrocement

3. Glassfiber with resin

4. Glass

5. Dry Leaves

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