Shanghai LongiLat Architectural Design & Research Institute CO.,LTD as Giovanni Spadolini

Multifunctional Library for public Leisure.

This Multifunctional Library is planned to be placed in every kind of terrain, weather and environment. The main Idea is based on a standard Container dimensions volume, cutted and redisigned. In this central volume are installed another two smaller volumes, that exactly fit inside the bigger one. Those two volume will stay inside the bigger volume during transportation, and will slide outside when the Multifunctional Library is placed somewhere. That allows to strongly reduce the carbon emission for transportation, because the truck actually transport only 1/3 of the real final volume for installation. So, as already said, the “System” is composed by 3 different parts: The Main Unit, The Power Unit and The Convertible Unit.

THE MAIN UNIT The Main Unit is the “Core” of the entire System. It has the Hooks for the crane, that are installed on the main beams. It has an adjustable system for the different ground situations, and it has the rails for the other two units, that allows to them to slide outside. It is totally covered by an high insulation Material, in order to reduce the external weather conditions, and for a better control of the inner temperature. It has also a hole for the ventilation control. When the System is packed, on the roof there is nothing, but when the System is placed, on this hole it could be installed this wind keeper controller, that is auto orientating. In summer, the hot air inside the building go out thought this hole, in order to have a better inner Temperature. Then in Winter this hole can be closed in order to keep stable the inner temperature.

THE POWER UNIT The Power Unit is the “Heart” of the System because of its functions. Also this unit is totally covered by high insulation material in order to control the inner temperature. It has solar panels planned to be Self-Sufficient in the most of the situations. Those solar panels provide most of the energy that the Building need. When is Packed for transportation the power unit has a flat roof. But then when is placed, it is possible to install a wind turbine on the roof to catch the wind energy.

THE CONVERTIBLE UNIT The convertible unit is the other sliding volume. This is also very important because of the fact that this volume will be oriented on North. So on the side without Sun. For this reason there are less and smaller windows, in order to reduce the strong winter impact on the building. So it will be easier to keep a good temperature inside the building. Then it has also a primary layout importance. This is the connection between the different Systems. So this unit is planned in order to be connectible with the other systems just mirroring those units. This unit has two removable doors. This because if it has to plugged with other systems, we just need to remove those doors. Those doors are designed to be a bookcase, so if we remove it, we just place those bookcase inside the main unit. And as the other two volumes, also this one is totally covered by an high insulation material.

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