Shanghai LongiLat Architectural Design & Research Institute CO.,LTD as Giovanni Spadolini

The existng building is an old fabric, so is planned as one huge floor building with a big empty space. The structure is in good conditions so we will preserve as much as possible. We decideed to follow the Masterplan, so there will be street that goes through the building. The existng building also has its structure. we decided to keep the old structure pattern, in order to avoid the condtruction of new fondation, and also to create a link between the old building and the new one. Due to the Masterplan it was necessary a street in the middle of the site, that go through the building. For that reason the building has been cutted. That will allow the project to follow the dinamic changes that the mastrplan require. To achieve the new rate for this project, it was necessary to add 4 floors at the exisiting building. That because as required we need 40235 square meters. Then it was necessary to move the bunduaries of the old building because they were too close to the new red line. In order to follow the requirments of the new rate, and for a better feeling, i decided to plan an internal square. The entrances of the different offices will be on that square. This will also give a new space for the neighborhhod. The square will be plan as a common area with some small shops and nice landscape At this stage we find an average for the required square meters. Now i start to consider about the shape of the building. The four corners are gently curved in order to give to the new project a better feeling and a stronger identity and a better link with the sourronding.

We add the new vertical connections for the new building. The typical floor was still too big, so we divided the building in 4 different parts in order to have an average square meter that fit offices function. Then in order to give to the new building a good eco efficiency we planned a green roof that helps to preserve the right natural temperature inside the building, both in summer and winter. For a better feeling we decide to link the two different parts of the site with a roof. That will give to the project better feeling of connections and also a link with the old building. Now that we have a roof we give it a very important function. On the roof there will be a serier of solar panels. This solar are planned on South with an angle of 30 degrees. that is the best position in order to maximise the clean energy of the sun. As for the elevation, on South are planned a series solar panels. they have 2 functions, shelter from the strong summer sun and take clean energy as well of the panels on the roof. On East and West are planned only steel shelter in order to cut the stron summer sun. On North the elevations have less windows in order to reduce the impact of the Winter cold.

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