Shanghai LongiLat Architectural Design & Research Institute CO.,LTD as Giovanni Spadolini


In this challenging site the project is divided in 3 sections: Apartments, Resort and Villas with a small commercial area in french style focused on the old governor's house. All those parts are connected by a small train in order to keep all the functions of the project together.

As for the site plan, there is a strong mark given by a "trident" focused on the Resort. This was necessary in order to give the sea view from the upper part of the project, and to cut the dense settlement of buildings in the North-West area of the project.

With that "trident" we have solved two problems. First, That cut allows the view on the Mauritian sea from the upper part of the site and from the Resort rooms and terraces. Second, on those cutted areas we are going to set all the common areas like pools, activities and tennis/basket courts. Some apartment of the lower part will have a private garden with a small pool, but most of the apartments customers will join those nice common areas.

The site entrance will be moved for two reasons: first of all, because the old entrance is two far from the main street and with the new "Ring Road" will be easier to join in our project, so the entrance will be moved on that side. Than because the new entrance will be exacly focused on the old governor's house. So the customer entering to the site wil get immediatly the nice feeling of the heritage building.

On the North-West area we will keep the old Mill and the old Rhum distillery. Those little buildings are very nice and inspire good feelings, so these building are inside the apartments area, sourronded by a very nice garden. Around that there will be some nice activities to give more importance to that area of the project.

Basically we are going to have four kind of apartments types, divided by density. Apartments area 1 will be in the North-West area. Here the buildings are from three to ten floors. Apartments area 2 will be around the commercial street. Here the buildings are from four to six floors. Apartments area 3 will be up to the resort, here the density goes down, that means that we have less building for sqm, so definitely a good feeling for the customers. Here the buildings are from three to five floors. Apartments area 4 will be in the upper part of the site. Here the denisity drasticaly goes down. Here there will be luxory apartments and the villas. Many with private garden and private pool.

The Resort is in the middle of the site area. That because we have enough high to have the view all over the Mauritian sea., and because could be connected with the conference hall. It is on the side of the hill and will have many activities inside like Casino', Spa, gym ecc, to give to the customer a great holiday experience.

The commercial street connect the resort and the other part of the lower part. Here there will be the good restaurant tha we had on the old project and some small commericials.

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