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NewsSpecification • 15 Jun 2024

25 best outdoor furniture manufacturers

Outdoor furniture, crafted for patios, decks, balconies, gardens, and other open-air spaces, is typically made from weather-resistant materials such as wood, metal, plastic, or wicker to endure the sun, rain, and wind. Choosing the right material is crucial for the furniture's longevity. Additionally, integrating natural elements can enhance the tranquility and beauty of your outdoor area. Here are 25 of Archello’s most popular outdoor furniture manufacturers, as recommended by architects and designers, featured in Archello's 25 best manufacturers series.   1. PEDRALI, Italy poli.design PEDRALI, an Italian furniture manufacturer, is known for its innovative design and durability. Founded in 1963 by Mario Pedrali, th... More

NewsSpecification • 1 Jun 2024

25 best interior living wall manufacturers

The integration of interior living walls, also known as vertical gardens, is becoming a prominent trend in architecture and interior design. Living walls can be a integrated into existing structures or act as a self-supporting walls that allows plants to grow vertically, providing them with the necessary nutrients to thrive indoors.  Research supports the numerous benefits of incorporating plants and living walls into various indoor settings, such as offices, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, retail spaces, and homes. Given that many people spend a substantial amount of time indoors, living walls can positively impact physical health and mental well-being. Additionally, indoor greenery can play a crucial role in moderat... More

NewsSpecification • 24 May 2024

25 best interior door manufacturers

Beyond their obvious role of creating privacy and acting as transitions between different areas within a building, interior doors can influence the visual and tactile experience of a space, contributing to its overall design language, complementing or contrasting with walls, flooring and furnishings. Interior doors are available in a variety of styles and configurations, including swing, sliding, and pivot doors, each offering unique benefits. Swing doors are traditional and versatile, suitable for most settings. Sliding doors save space and give a contemporary touch to interiors. And pivot doors, with their particular design and smooth operation, might serve as statement pieces. The market for interior doors today offers a variety of pro... More

NewsSpecification • 7 May 2024

25 best aluminum window manufacturers

Aluminum windows and window systems are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and structurally strong. Such attributes ensure longevity and reliability, making them ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Aluminum's malleability allows for various designs, simple and intricate. Key characteristics of aluminum windows include thermal performance, acoustic insulation and sustainability. Advanced manufacturing techniques, such as thermal break technology, enhance energy efficiency by minimizing heat transfer, thus reducing heating and cooling costs. Moreover, aluminum's recyclability contributes to some level of environmental friendliness. In today's global market, aluminum windows and window systems offer a diverse range of prod... More

NewsSpecification • 24 Apr 2024

25 best metal cladding manufacturers

Metal cladding can combine functionality with aesthetics while meeting high sustainability targets, offering myriad possibilities for creative expression using a range of materials, patterns, textures, and colors. One of the primary benefits of metal cladding is its durability. Metals like aluminum, steel, zinc and copper offer excellent resistance to weathering, corrosion and fire, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance requirements. Metal cladding also provides thermal and acoustic insulation, contributing to energy efficiency and occupant comfort. Manufacturers worldwide offer material and product variations to meet diverse design requirements. These include pre-finished panels, composite systems, perforated sheets and metal mesh s... More

NewsSpecification • 17 Apr 2024

25 best decorative glass manufacturers

By incorporating decorative glass in projects, such as stained or textured glass windows, frosted glass partitions, or glass finishes on walls, architects can infuse interiors with color, texture, and varying levels of translucency and reflection. One of the primary advantages of decorative glass is its ability to transform ordinary spaces into special environments, whether these are in commercial buildings, residential homes, or public spaces. Decorative glass allows natural light to filter through, creating an ambiance of warmth and openness while maintaining privacy where needed. Decorative glass can serve as both a functional and decorative element. Its use can evoke a sense of style and individuality, distinguishing buildings from th... More

NewsSpecification • 12 Apr 2024

25 best engineered wood flooring manufacturers

Engineered wood flooring is a versatile building product that offers several advantages over traditional solid wood flooring. Composed of multiple layers typically bonded together with adhesives, engineered wood flooring provides increased stability and durability, making it suitable for a variety of applications in both residential and commercial settings. One of the primary benefits of engineered wood flooring is its resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Unlike solid wood flooring, which can warp or expand in response to changes in humidity and temperature, engineered wood flooring maintains its shape and integrity. Engineered wood flooring is also often more cost-effective than solid wood flooring. Its construction allows... More

NewsSpecification • 29 Mar 2024

25 best suspended ceiling manufacturers

Ceilings play a central role in defining the ambiance and functionality of interior spaces. Suspended ceilings in particular stand out for their versatility and practicality. Suspended or drop ceilings are designed to hang from overhead structures, concealing essential building elements such as wiring, mechanical systems, and plumbing, while also offering an opportunity for aesthetic enhancement and functional improvement. Suspended ceilings aren't merely functional necessities; they are integral elements of interior design which top spaces that range from living rooms, to corporate offices and expansive airport terminals. By covering entire rooms, ceilings establish a unified visual identity and contribute significantly to the overall atm... More

NewsSpecification • 15 Mar 2024

25 best mosaic wall tile manufacturers

Mosaic wall tiles are produced in an enormous range of colors, shapes and finishes, and from a variety of materials including glass, ceramic, natural stone and recycled elements. From residential interiors to commercial facades, the application of mosaics can imbue projects with individual character and finely detailed textures. Used in both interior and exterior settings, mosaic tiles provide architects and designers with a versatile tool for finishing walls in a way that contributes to design language while offering practical benefits such as durability and ease of maintenance. The range of materials used in mosaic tile production allows for customization to suit various design preferences and sustainability goals. Recycled materials, in... More

NewsSpecification • 10 Mar 2024

25 best interior glazed partition wall manufacturers

Interior glazed partition walls are technologically advanced products that allow spaces to be divided for acoustic separation while permitting visual transparency. Glazed partition wall systems are typically installed in commercial office spaces though are often also specified for residential projects. The characteristics of glazed partition walls depend on their intended dimensions and functions. Products achieving maximum transparency come without vertical profiles and can appear practically seamless, with supports located at ceilings and floors alone. Other systems are produced with ever-slimmer profiles in steel, aluminum and wood with various finish options. The frames may support single or double glazing, depending on acoustic requir... More

NewsSpecification • 29 Feb 2024

25 best brick cladding manufacturers

Bricks can produce beautifully textured surfaces with unique qualities of color and grain based on brick dimensions, the nature of the clay mix, and the stacking patterns by which walls are layered. The many brick cladding products on the market offer a wide range of colors and textures that often attempt to achieve a handmade feel. Bricks are produced in a range of rectangular forms, with long bricks delivering a linear aesthetic and shorter bricks producing a more block-like and stacked effect. Manufacturers worldwide are making brick cladding products that are ever more sustainable, materially efficient, lightweight yet durable. These are 25 of Archello’s most popular and innovative brick cladding manufacturers specified by archit... More

NewsSpecification • 19 Feb 2024

25 best natural wood facade cladding manufacturers

Exterior wood facade cladding is a textured, natural material that makes a strong aesthetic statement for sustainability and connections with nature. For building envelopes, high quality cladding products can be durable, weatherproof, and require little or no maintenance in even the most demanding climatic conditions. Manufacturers worldwide produce wood cladding products in a variety of species, profiles and surface finishes for all project types. These are 25 of Archello’s most popular and innovative wood cladding manufacturers specified by architects and designers.   1. MOSO Bamboo Products, Netherlands Tomeu Canyellas Photography MOSO International develops and creates bamboo products for interior and exterio... More