25 best engineered wood flooring manufacturers
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25 best engineered wood flooring manufacturers

15 Apr 2024  •  Specification  •  By Collin Anderson

Engineered wood flooring is a versatile building product that offers several advantages over traditional solid wood flooring. Composed of multiple layers typically bonded together with adhesives, engineered wood flooring provides increased stability and durability, making it suitable for a variety of applications in both residential and commercial settings.

One of the primary benefits of engineered wood flooring is its resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations. Unlike solid wood flooring, which can warp or expand in response to changes in humidity and temperature, engineered wood flooring maintains its shape and integrity. Engineered wood flooring is also often more cost-effective than solid wood flooring. Its construction allows for the use of less expensive wood species for the core layers while still providing the appearance of solid wood on the surface.

Engineered wood flooring also offers a wide range of design options, including different wood species, finishes, and plank sizes. Variations in engineered wood flooring include differences in the number and thickness of the veneer layers, with some products featuring thicker top layers for increased durability and longevity. Engineered wood flooring may be available in different installation methods, such as click-lock or glue-down.

These are 25 of Archello’s most popular engineered wood flooring manufacturers specified by architects and designers, part of Archello's 25 best manufacturers series.


1. WOODlife Flooring, Netherlands

photo_credit WOODlife Flooring
WOODlife Flooring

WOODlife Flooring is a Dutch flooring brand with a Lithuania-based production facility. The company's Dutch founders shared a passion for forest products and design, and established the brand in 2005. WOODlife Flooring designs and manufactures high quality engineered flooring and matching complementary products. Its offerings include WOODLife Oak premium multiplank flooring cut from Baltic trees. This is a multiplank product that consists of two layers, a water-resistant birch plywood on which a top layer is glued, creating a durable flooring that can last in extreme climates and over underfloor heating.


2. Admonter, Austria

photo_credit Admonter

Admonter, with roots stretching back over four decades, bears a legacy akin to centuries. With its operations linked to a local Benedictine abbey in Austria, Admonter embodies enduring values of economic and ecological stewardship. With products certified by PEFC, Admonter has a commitment to sustainable forestry. Notable among its offerings is the Admonter FLOORs all-natural Austrian natural wood flooring, which is produced in two and three-layered engineered structures to prevent the natural warping of wood and ensure a solid base that can be relied on for years to come.


3. Listone Giordano, Italy

photo_credit Paolo Marini for Elena Bertinotti architetto
Paolo Marini for Elena Bertinotti architetto

Listone Giordano is a globally recognized brand that represents excellence in premium hardwood flooring. Listone Giordano has a century-long entrepreneurial story in which it has promoted wood flooring as an essential element of interior design. It prioritizes the 'culture of wood' to ensure that the warmth and beauty of wood flooring are an integral part of interior projects. Its range of products includes Heritage Civita collection uses high-quality French oak, sourced from responsibly managed forests with special heat treatments to create a range of natural colors, without the use of dyes or chemicals. Each plank is carefully smoothed using time-tested methods and natural oils.


4. Bauwerk Parquet, Switzerland

photo_credit Kulenenok Lizaveta for DUDES architects
Kulenenok Lizaveta for DUDES architects

Bauwerk Group employs over 1900 people in its many divisions across the world. The group, headquartered in St. Margrethen, has become a leading producer and supplier of premium parquet. Selling some 10.1 million square meters of parquet every year, the group offers a comprehensive product range, including solid, two-layer, and three-layer parquets, as well as specialized hardwood floors for sports facilities. Its offerings includes Cleverpark Silente sustainable flooring with impact sound insulation which combines its parquet products with an advanced system solution to yield an excellent reduction of walking noise and an optimal improvement in impact sound.


5. Plexwood, Netherlands

photo_credit Brett Beyer for Diller Scofidio + Renfro
Brett Beyer for Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Plexwood is a company that produces a sustainable and strong interior wood material made of veneers of end grain wood and wood with the grain, glued crosswise to give a clear line structure and graphical effect. Its wood panels can be made with fire retardant, damp proof, or zero-added formaldehyde substrates. Its Plexwood Plank engineered wood is a versatile product that can be used for flooring, wall, or ceiling applications. It comes in two veneer thicknesses and variable substrate thickness. The product is available in nine wood species and twelve variations including strip, parquet strip, plank and tile.


6. Kentwood Floors, Canada

photo_credit Evoke International Design
Evoke International Design

Kentwood specializes in crafting beautiful hardwood floors that are inspired by the natural world. It offers a wide range of styles, from classic designs to more unique and captivating options. Kentwood’s commitment to responsible forestry ensures that its floors are built to last a lifetime while also protecting the environment. These floors can be found in homes of all sizes, from quaint cottages to grand estates. Kentwood European Plank engineered wide-plank oak flooring is a wide-plank style which uses wood with retained natural characteristics and crafted by hand to achieve an authentic artisanal feel.


7. Ebony and Co, Ireland

photo_credit Riley Snelling for Reflect Architecture
Riley Snelling for Reflect Architecture

Ebony and Co crafts luxury hardwood elements including flooring, wall paneling, cladding, decking and parquets. Beneath the surface of every Ebony and Co product lies a wealth of innovation and information. For optimal stability, Ebony and Co timber dries for a minimum of four seasons. Once it reaches the mill, it passes through multiple stages of evaluation where each board is closely examined. Its Continental Ash Faded Iceberg Hardwax bleach treated wood flooring is pre-finished by hand, and has a playful bright Scandinavian touch. The wood is bleach treated with lye against yellowing and the surface is treated with hardwax-oil.


8. Royal Oak Floors, Australia

photo_credit Derek Swalwell for Jost Architects
Derek Swalwell for Jost Architects

Royal Oak Floors by Harper & Sandilands brings forty years of experience to the design and construction industry. The Royal Oak Floors name is synonymous with quality engineered timber flooring and can be found in many of the most outstanding homes in Australia, including some of the top architect’s and designer’s own homes. Its White Smoked engineered European oak flooring has a smoked based and signature milky white finish which works harmoniously with a variety of finishes to achieve a unique elegant style.


9. Pergo, Belgium

photo_credit Pergo

Pergo is dedicated to innovation and continuously strives to create flooring that is not only beautiful but also durable and high-performing for commercial projects worldwide. It creates outstandingly beautiful and long-lasting floors, without any shortcuts or compromises. The Scandinavian function, design, and engineering ensure that the floors are easy to install and maintain, while also being able to withstand the challenges of everyday life. Pergo engineered oak flooring with natural veneer and high density fiber core is made with a real wood veneer and a high density fiber core to offer durability and stability at a thickness of 12.5 millimeters. This thickness makes Lofoten ideal for renovation projects and rooms with underfloor heating.


10. Tongue & Groove, Australia

photo_credit Tongue & Groove
Tongue & Groove

Tongue & Groove is one of Australia’s leading producers of solid-engineered oak flooring, with an innovative three-layered construction that offers exceptional strength and stability. Sourced from sustainable European oak plantations, the company's boards are versatile and suitable for floors, stairs, walls, joinery, and ceilings. Its Bistre Chevron European oak flooring is a flooring that features limed blonde tones with a hint of soft grey. The flooring has a zig-zag pattern that is available in both classic and modern styles. 


11. mafi natural wood floors, Austria


Mafi handcrafts natural wood floors with a focus on sustainability and innovation. It prioritizes using time-tested techniques and wood sourced from responsibly managed forests in central Europe. Minimizing waste is a core principle, with even leftover wood being used for internal production. Its unique selling point is avoiding paints and chemicals altogether and instead using natural oils that deeply penetrate the wood for lasting protection, without creating a film layer. Its OAK Clear twice-oiled engineered wood flooring has a 3-layer construction with a small bevel on the long side. The tongue and groove on all sides make it easy to install. 


12. Madera Surfaces, United States

photo_credit Paul Warchol for Desai Chia Architecture
Paul Warchol for Desai Chia Architecture

Madera is a design firm that utilizes wood as a medium for innovation and creative expression. It designs the highest quality wood floors, millwork, and furniture to inspire and engage a modern audience. Founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2012, Madera has evolved from a local establishment to a global presence, executing projects worldwide. Its Dimma versatile European oak engineered flooring is a hardwood flooring option that is made from engineered European oak. The product line extends beyond flooring to include stair parts, transitions, grilles, vents, architectural panels, interior doors, and custom millwork.


13. Ecora, United Kingdom

photo_credit Kate Berry for Kinnersley Kent Design
Kate Berry for Kinnersley Kent Design

Ecora uses the artisanal skills and the latest technologies available to produce finishes which are unique, creative yet contemporary. From smooth matte whites or greys to vintage oak look, finishes utilize color and texture to provide flooring that is understated and elegant. Its Oak Hampstead White rustic engineered wood flooring is a rustic engineered board with a light, white coloration. This board has a surface planed texture and features open splits and knots which further add to the character of the wood. 


14. Parador GmBH & Co. KG, Germany

photo_credit Parador GmBH & Co. KG
Parador GmBH & Co. KG

Established in 1977, Parador places strong emphasis on craftsmanship and European production. Parador's expertise and know-how have been handed down through generations. With sustainability at the fore, the company manufactures floorings with the highest quality and design. Its Open Frameworks engineered and varied oak wood flooring by Hadi Teherani combines different colors and shapes to create a completely new approach to flooring design, whose creative boundaries are seemingly infinite. 


15. Quick Step, Belgium

photo_credit Quick Step
Quick Step

Quick-Step's history dates to 1960 when, in Flanders, a set of families joined forces to open a business in the flax industry. As flax became a scarce material, the company shifted its focus to wood. The company pursued a cheaper and easier-to-maintain alternative to traditional wood flooring that looked just as lovely.  Quick-Step engineered wood floors made from fast-growing trees or recovered wood is carefully selected, solid wood layer in a vast array of colors and structures. 


16. Kährs, Sweden

photo_credit Kährs

Kährs was founded in 1857 in the deep forests of southern Sweden. Today, it’s one of the oldest flooring companies in the world. Kährs has also developed into a global market leader with sales in 70 countries, offering a wide range of flooring products. Its Chevron Swedish engineered oak wood flooring is a collection of patterned wood floors. Offered in four on-trend color tones, the line creates a classical parquet-look with speed and ease. Chevron boards are partially hand-made, giving a unique appearance to every board.



photo_credit MENOTTI SPECCHIA S.r.l

Menotti Specchia was founded in 1926 in Prestrane, Slovenia. In 1944 the company arrived in Italy, in San Bonifacio in the province of Verona, where it consolidated its business and became a symbol of tradition, experience and quality. The wide choice of wood species and the experience handed down over almost one hundred years of history, combined with a more flexible commercial structure, allow Menotti Specchia to satisfy the most varied requests. Its Home Sweet Home geometrically cut engineered oak wood flooring features a unique, five-sided and house-shaped plank for a unique and complex texture based on clean geometries.


18. CP Parquet S.r.l., Italy

photo_credit CP Parquet S.r.l.
CP Parquet S.r.l.

CP Parquet has been working with wood since 1962 when, in the small village of Crespano del Grappa, Italy, the first convoys of fine wood started being imported from the regions of former Yugoslavia. Within a short time, wooden floors became the main business. Today, its offerings include Veneto European oak engineered wood flooring, a collection of planks defined by refined shades of color that include white, grey and brown simply created from the natural reaction with the tannins of the wood.


19. Tarkett, France

photo_credit Tarkett

Tarkett is a leading global manufacturer of innovative flooring and sports surface solutions with a history spanning more than a century. Headquartered in France, Tarkett operates in over 100 countries, serving both residential and commercial markets. The company offers a diverse portfolio of flooring products, including vinyl, laminate, hardwood, carpet, and artificial turf, catering to various design preferences and performance requirements. Its Grace engineered wood flooring with smooth lacquered finish comes with the practical benefits of a lacquered floor: excellent ease of cleaning, minimal maintenance, effective protection against stains and daily wear and tear. 


20. Vermont Plank Flooring, United States

photo_credit Vermont Plank Flooring
Vermont Plank Flooring

Vermont Plank Flooring began in 1946 when its founder started driving a lumber truck to make deliveries from Vermont to Boston. By 1958, he had his own company, selling some of the finest New England timber to customers around the world. Its Vermont Plank Flooring engineered hardwood flooring fuses the highest quality materials and advanced technologies to create wide-plank engineered flooring that is superior to the industry standard. By slicing hardwood into thin plies, and then restacking with the grain running in alternate directions, an incredibly strong and stable structure is created. It is then topped with a layer of locally sourced hardwood species.


21. Scheucher Parkett, Austria

photo_credit Bullahuth Fotografie und Gestaltung for Project Architecture Company
Bullahuth Fotografie und Gestaltung for Project Architecture Company

Scheucher unites the craftsman's passion for perfection with innovative thinking and acts in harmony with nature.  Over the past 100 years, this company that was set up as a sawmill in 1920 has matured and developed into a global company. Its Bilaflor two-layer parquet engineered wood flooring made in Austria is a high-quality, two-layer parquet that combines all advantages of glue-down parquet with those of engineered wood floors. The bottom layer made of rift-grained spruce and plywood bands on the front edges ensure a stable connection construction.


22. Decospan, Belgium

photo_credit Decospan

Decospan is a Belgian company that specializes in producing and distributing decorative wood veneer products. It offers a wide range of veneer solutions for various applications, including interior design, furniture manufacturing, and architectural projects. Its product line includes Cabbani custom European oak parquet flooring has 35 colors in five collections, each with its own specific characteristics and color variants. 


23. Chaunceys Timber Flooring, United Kingdom

photo_credit Paul Craig
Paul Craig

Chaunceys Timber Flooring is a family-run company based in Bristol, UK. It has been supplying sustainable, high-quality timber flooring to homeowners, award-winning architects, design and build companies, and renowned interior designers since 1988. It manufactures products like Bristol Tectonic® Engineered Oak wood flooring which uses top-quality Birch ply, superior machining, wider widths, longer lengths, and higher grade European oak than typical engineered flooring options on the market.


24. Nydree Flooring, United States

photo_credit Nydree Flooring
Nydree Flooring

Nydree is an American hardwood flooring company that began operations in 2001. Its Plainsawn Ash Natural acrylic-infused engineered hardwood flooring offers distinctive grain patterns combined with a light brown to natural color palette. The Ash Collection stands up to the unique dent, scratch, and wear characteristics that large dogs, for instance, exert on a floor.


25. Northern Wide Plank, Canada

photo_credit Northern Wide Plank
Northern Wide Plank

Northern Wide Plank is headquartered in Canada and has been operating for over thirty years. Its New Haven European oak engineered wide plank flooring features light tones which, according to the company "evoke a fresh and calming ambiance, making them an ideal choice for both contemporary and traditional interiors." Each plank showcases a natural appeal, with planed surfaces unveiling the exquisite beauty of their grain and occasional knot.