25 best mosaic wall tile manufacturers
Silvia Gil Roldán for In Out Studio

25 best mosaic wall tile manufacturers

15 Mar 2024  •  Specification  •  By Collin Anderson

Mosaic wall tiles are produced in an enormous range of colors, shapes and finishes, and from a variety of materials including glass, ceramic, natural stone and recycled elements. From residential interiors to commercial facades, the application of mosaics can imbue projects with individual character and finely detailed textures.

Used in both interior and exterior settings, mosaic tiles provide architects and designers with a versatile tool for finishing walls in a way that contributes to design language while offering practical benefits such as durability and ease of maintenance. The range of materials used in mosaic tile production allows for customization to suit various design preferences and sustainability goals. Recycled materials, in particular, are gaining traction as a means to offer eco-conscious design choices.

These are 25 of Archello’s most popular mosaic wall tile manufacturers specified by architects and designers.


1. Hisbalit, Spain

photo_credit Imagen Subliminal for IDEO arquitectura
Imagen Subliminal for IDEO arquitectura

Hisbalit is a leader in the design and manufacture of mosaic tiles. The company was founded in 1964 in Soto de la Marina, Cantabria. During its 55 years of production, Hisbalit has become a key reference in the design, customization and manufacturing of ecological mosaic tiles of the highest quality, operating in over 70 countries around the world. Its UNICOLOR glass mosaic wall tiles with minimum joints offer 200 options for colors, textures formats and finishes. The product can be applied to walls, floors and ceilings with 2 millimeter joints, letting the mosaic assume the main visual role.

2. Mosa, Netherlands

photo_credit Mosa

Mosa has over 140 years of experience in manufacturing tiles using the purest materials and innovative Dutch design principles that embracing the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy. Mosa ceramic tiles enrich walls, floors, facades and terraces of private, commercial, and public interiors and exteriors in over 50 countries across four continents. Mosa Colors provide a broad selection of color hues in horizontal, vertical and diagonal structures, catering to various preferences for light, dark, fresh or saturated tones. 

3. Porcelanosa, Spain

photo_credit PORCELANOSA

Founded in 1973 by the Colonques family in Spain, Porcelanosa has evolved into a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of ceramic tiles and other interior products. Porcelanosa offers an extensive selection of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles. The company's tile collections are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and attention to detail. Its product range includes L’Antic Colonial - PARADISE natural stone mosaic of smooth irregular-shaped pebbles are sourced from reputable quarries, ensuring consistency in texture and color variation. 

4. ONIX, Spain

photo_credit ONIX

ONIX produces a range of eco-friendly mosaics made up of 98% recycled glass. Its Penta Arrecife Blue mosaic square tiles for pools and spas are crafted from premium-quality glass, selected for its clarity, durability and vibrant coloration. ONIX employs state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure consistency in glass composition and thickness, resulting in tiles that exhibit exceptional uniformity and structural integrity.

5. Bisazza, Italy

photo_credit Bisazza Mosaico
Bisazza Mosaico

Founded in 1956 by Renato Bisazza, Bisazza the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship in the tile industry. Its Bisazza Mosaico mosaic decorative wall tiles for residential and commercial interiors are glass tiles meticulously crafted through a combination of traditional glassmaking techniques and state-of-the-art technology. The production process begins with the selection of high-quality raw materials, including silica sand, soda ash, and various metal oxides for colorants. These materials are carefully measured and mixed to create the desired glass composition.

6. Mutina, Italy

photo_credit Mutina

Founded in 2005 by Massimo Orsini and based in Fiorano Modenese, Mutina has quickly risen to prominence as a leading manufacturer of innovative ceramic tiles and mosaics. Its offerings include Mutina Puzzle ceramic mosaic tiles for creative configurations and geometric patterns, a collection by designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby in collaboration with Mutina. Puzzle features a diverse range of shapes, including hexagons, squares and triangles, allowing for endless creative configurations and geometric patterns. The tiles are made from premium quality clays, minerals, and pigments sourced from sustainable suppliers, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to wear. 

7. Ceramica Bardelli, Italy

photo_credit Paolo Fusco for Studio GAMP
Paolo Fusco for Studio GAMP

Ceramica Bardelli has been making premium-quality designed ceramics for over fifty years. The company has collaborated with leading names within the design world that include Gio Ponti and Marcel Wanders. Ceramica Bardelli tiles, hand painted using various different artisan techniques, including freehand drawing, stenciling, decalcomania and pouncing, are synonymous with Made in Italy design and attention to details. Its Pittorica mosaic tiles made from rectified glazed stoneware come in three shapes and can be mixed and matched to create intricate decorative patterns with minimal joints.


8. Ceramica Vogue, Italy

photo_credit Ceramica Vogue
Ceramica Vogue

Ceramica Vogue, part of the Altaeco S.p.A. Group, produces 2,500,000 square meters of high quality Italian tiles annually. It has a vast catalog of glazed stoneware or solid colored glazed porcelain available in a variety of sizes and finishes, all complete with special pieces. The catalog includes the Confetti glazed stoneware mosaic wall tiles with micropatterns, a collection that draws inspiration from the playful elegance of confetti. It combines bold colors, geometric shapes and tactile textures to create a visually stimulating experience. Each tile is a work of art in its own right.

9. Porcelaingres, Germany

photo_credit Porcelaingres

Porcelaingres is among the largest manufacturers of porcelain stoneware in Germany. The company uses natural raw materials including clay, quartz and feldspar, in an efficient way, and its production processes are accurately monitored by robotics, to create porcelain stoneware slabs that are always of the highest quality and strength. Its collection includes Porcelaingres Color Studio squared porcelain stoneware mosaic tiles in eight naturally desaturated colors. 

10. Crossville, United States

photo_credit Crossville

Established in 1986, Crossville is a leading porcelain tile manufacturer, a design industry partner, and an organization founded in sustainability. Crossville offers a variety of glass and natural stone tile products for interior and exterior floors, walls and countertops. Its Ebb & Flow blend of natural stone and glass mosaic wall tiles are inspired by the visual and structural harmony between stone and glass. The collection echoes the complex rhythms of nature with the illusion of three-dimensional patterning.

11. Cle Tile, United States

photo_credit Frame design co.
Frame design co.

Clé tile offers a broad range of cement tile–also known as encaustic cement tiles, concrete tiles, hydraulicos, Cuban tiles, or simply encaustic tiles. Cement tiles from clé offer a different and higher quality of tile than that available through 'big box' stores: Clé cement tiles are handcrafted by artisans, not machine produced, and feature a silky, matte finish and come in a wide range of deliciously vibrant and variegated colors and patterns. 
Its Swiss Cross handcrafted cement mosaic wall tile is one of its most bold yet simple designs with the use of the Swiss cross in black and white. Based on the Swiss flag, it is a common motif in the kind of minimalist design associated with Scandinavia. 

12. Atlas Concorde, Italy

photo_credit  Atlas Concorde
Atlas Concorde

Atlas Concorde is a benchmark player in the ceramic tile industry. Its mission is to provide interior designers, architects and the most demanding customers with ceramic solutions suitable for every use. In its forty years of activity, Atlas Concorde has been synonymous with strength, ethics and reliability that, every year, wins the confidence and trust of over 2,700 customers in more than 100 countries. Its offerings include the Mood collection colored body porcelain mosaic wall tiles designed in collaboration with the American designer Laurie Smith.

13. Equipe Ceramicas, Spain

photo_credit Equipe Ceramicas
Equipe Ceramicas

Equipe Cerámicas SLU was established in 1999 and has become a leading company in the sector of small format floor and wall tiles which include Scale white body ceramic mosaic wall tile, a collection made up of five different geometries and a palette of twelve colors to give designers enormous possibilities for color combinations and placement. 

14. Land Porcelanico, Spain

photo_credit Land Porcelanico
Land Porcelanico

Land Porcelanico, a company belonging to the Aparici Group, is engaged in the manufacture and commercialization of high-quality technical porcelain in an environmental friendly manner. Its products are suitable for commercial as well as residential projects and include the Midland porcelain tile with cement look, a technical porcelain collection in 7 millimeter thickness available in three colors – grey, ivory and vison – and includes a non-slip finish for outdoor use as well as various architectural mosaics for floor and wall use.


15. Salvatori, Italy

photo_credit Salvatori

Salvatori is an award-winning Italian design company specializing in natural stone. From innovative textures for walls and floors to bathroom items and products for the home such as tables, lighting and accessories, Salvatori is considered by many as the benchmark in the “design meets natural stone” field. Drawing on the very best of Made in Italy values and cutting-edge engineering and technological know-how, Salvatori fuses old-fashioned craftsmanship with contemporary design. Its Romboo rhombus-shaped natural stone mosaic wall tiles is created from offcuts of the company's popular Bamboo product, refined into small, rhomboid-shaped tiles.

16. Surfacing Solution, United States

photo_credit Stereo Pinwheel
Stereo Pinwheel

Surfacing Solution is a US-based company that has been producing wall finish products for more than 30 years. Its Forest Elements natural wood mosaic wall tiles offers a full line of natural wood mosaic tiles.  They are most commonly used as accent and full walls in restaurants, hotels, retail centers, homes, apartments, as well as bar fronts and reception desk applications. 19 different patterns include linear, honeycomb, hexagon, pinwheel, scallop and star shapes. Every piece of wood is handcrafted for quality control and to showcase the unique characteristics of the lumber, which is 100 percent sourced from American and Canadian timber companies.

17. KAZA Concrete Ltd, United Kingdom

photo_credit KAZA Concrete Ltd
KAZA Concrete Ltd

KAZA was founded in 2012 by Joe Meszaros and Peter Oszko, in Szentendre, a historically artistic hamlet just outside of Budapest, Hungary. Today KAZA incorporates tactile 3D elements for bold accent walls made of concrete tiles, small and large, sensitively balancing style and innovation for luxury commercial products as well as the modern home. Everything KAZA creates is the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration between designers, artisans, craftsmen, engineers and architects from around the world who believe that functional surfaces can be important and ground-breaking works of art. Its TRE fiber-reinforced concrete triangular mosaic wall tiles offers designers and architects the ability to easily create intriguing and visually stunning surfaces.

18. Daltile, United States

photo_credit Daltile

Founded in 1947 in Dallas, Texas, Daltile boasts a rich history brought to life through the manufacture of ceramics, mosaics, porcelain, quarry tile and a variety of stone products. Today, as a subsidiary of Mohawk Industries, Daltile is the largest ceramic tile manufacturer in the U.S. and one of the largest tile manufacturers in the world, employing over 10,000. Its offerings include Cascading Waters rectangular glass mosaic wall tiles in natural colors, inspired by the beauty of shimmering waterfalls and their rocky pools below. 

19. Jasba, Germany

photo_credit Jasba

Jasba is a traditional brand which stands for quality, variety and the dedication to ceramic as a material.  Jasba offers a comprehensive interior concept from filigree 1 x 1 centimeter-mosaics to coordinated wall and floor tiles in 40 x 80 centimeter format. Its Jasba-LOOP circular glazed porcelain mosaic wall tile collection offers a sophisticated color card designed in collaboration with planners and architects based on the latest color trends and available in 1 and 2 centimeter-diameter formats.

20. Terratinta, Italy

photo_credit Terratinta

Terratinta Group was born in 2017 from the merger between Terratinta Ceramiche, the group’s first brand, established in 2010, and Ceramica Magica, a historical brand of Italian ceramics since 1983. It produces a range of products that include HEXA extruded ceramic mosaic wall tiles a full body porcelain mosaic, suitable for floors and walls.

21. Wolkberg Casting Studios, South Africa

photo_credit All of Architecture for Daffonchio Architects
All of Architecture for Daffonchio Architects

Wolkberg Casting Studio is a 'proudly African' industrial design studio with a focus on tiles, surfaces, lighting and bespoke design. Its products are thoughtfully designed, handmade, and manufactured locally in South Africa using Limesite™ a high performance, aesthetically unique concrete made with up to 81% recycled materials. Its Alf Tile - Limesite™ high performance integrally colored concrete mosaic wall tile

22. Appiani, Italy

photo_credit Appiani

Appiani mosaics has actively promoted its products on the Italian and international markets since it was first founded in Treviso in 1873. Its ALLURE ceramic mosaic wall tiles collection is made with ceramic mosaic tiles 1,2 x 1,2 centimeters and four designs each available in two color versions. Types of finish are mixed: glossy with matt and some metal inserts. The product is suitable for floors and indoor walls.

23. Mozawall®, Netherlands

photo_credit Mozawall®

Mozawall® creates customizable PetG plastic mosaic wall tiles which consist of plastic panels inlaid with a pattern of 576 mosaic tiles. Multiple panels together form a wall consisting of thousands of mosaic tiles portraying a designer's chosen theme, photo, image or graphic pattern.


24. Vetro Vivo Srl, Italy

photo_credit Vetro Vivo Srl
Vetro Vivo Srl

Vetro Vivo is a handicraft manufacturer of fine glass mosaics and glass tiles, fully made in Italy with first-grade raw materials. The glass mosaics are fused at high temperatures creating softened shapes with unalterable color. Every piece produced is the result of a careful patented process. SCULPTURÆ Vetrovivo recyclable full-glass mosaic wall tiles are made from natural, eco-friendly, completely recyclable glass. New shapes, enhanced by a range of surface embossed effects and shiny or matt colors, offer limitless possibilities for surfaces.


25. New Terracotta, Portugal

photo_credit New Terracotta
New Terracotta

New Terracotta is a 'profoundly Portuguese' handmade ceramic project. The premise is simple: to merge the ancient techniques with contemporary aesthetics, offering a new dimension of the tile. This family company has grown in size since its foundation in 2014 in Mortágua, when local clay was molded by two artisans with simple tools in a space of a few square meters. Today, New Terracotta has a facility of more than 7,000 square meters where innovative in-house-designed machinery help make the process a little easier. Still, it is the human touch and the passion for terracotta that ensures the quality and the soul of New Terracotta products. Its New Terracotta handmade Portuguese mosaic wall tiles line is made from natural clays, and offers immense variation in size, shape, color and texture.