25 best natural wood facade cladding manufacturers
Daria Scagliola for MVRDV

25 best natural wood facade cladding manufacturers

19 Feb 2024  •  Specification  •  By Collin Anderson

Exterior wood facade cladding is a textured, natural material that makes a strong aesthetic statement for sustainability and connections with nature. For building envelopes, high quality cladding products can be durable, weatherproof, and require little or no maintenance in even the most demanding climatic conditions. Manufacturers worldwide produce wood cladding products in a variety of species, profiles and surface finishes for all project types. These are 25 of Archello’s most popular and innovative wood cladding manufacturers specified by architects and designers.


1. MOSO Bamboo Products, Netherlands

photo_credit Tomeu Canyellas Photography
Tomeu Canyellas Photography

MOSO International develops and creates bamboo products for interior and exterior applications that meet the highest technical requirements and quality standards, enhance the beauty of applications and are made from sustainable, renewable sources. MOSO Bamboo X-treme® cladding for exterior facades is developed with a unique thermal treatment and compression process to alter the hardness, dimensional stability, fire safety and durability of its bamboo boards to a level superior to the best tropical hardwood species. Its high stability boards come standard with head side tongue and groove, and they can be used to clad walls and terraces.


2. Thermory, Estonia

photo_credit Piil

Estonia-based Thermory offers products that include decking, wall paneling, cladding and floorboards made of thermally modified wood as well as industrially painted wooden products for indoor and outdoor use. The company is also a leading manufacturer of sauna materials. Its Benchmark Thermo-Pine product is an example of one of Thermory’s durable claddings made for simple installation. It is produced in a range of profiles and shingle types, meets the highest available durability class, and is dimensionally stable and knotless with a rich, deep tone. The product line includes connection profiles that do not leave any fixings visible.

3. Accoya, United Kingdom

photo_credit Accoya

Accoya® Wood Cladding is made using the latest technologies in wood acetylation to deliver outstanding levels of performance, stability and durability. Providing the same high-quality and aesthetic attributes as tropical hardwoods, it also boasts excellent environmental credentials by using wood sourced from FSC certified and sustainable forests, while being 100% non-toxic. A high performance, sustainable and low maintenance timber, Accoya can be used for wall cladding applications as well as windows, doors, decking and glulam structural beams.

4. Kebony, Norway

photo_credit Aaron Leitz for Olson Kundig
Aaron Leitz for Olson Kundig

Kebony cladding and decking is durable and requires little maintenance beyond normal cleaning. Developed in Norway, the Kebony® technology is an environmentally friendly, patented process which enhances the properties of sustainable softwood with a bio-based liquid, used to make products such as Kebony Clear Facade. The process permanently modifies the wood cell walls giving Kebony premium hardwood characteristics and a rich brown color. Recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum and listed as a Global Cleantech 100 company, Kebony has been embraced by leading architects, designers and developers.

5. Lunawood, Finland

photo_credit DO architects
DO architects

Lunawood Thermowood® creates a connection between urban life and nature. Grown and strengthened in the harsh climate of Finland, the Nordic forest provides excellent wood material, which is enhanced with heat and steam only. Lunawood offers easy-to-maintain, long-lasting and thoroughly sustainable wood products for all climates. Lunawood Thermowood does not require surface coatings even in the most challenging conditions. The raw material for Lunawood’s products comes from a renewable and certified Scandinavian forest.

6. Foreco, Netherlands

photo_credit John Lewis Marshall
John Lewis Marshall

Foreco is an innovative and professional company in the field of timber products with a history of over 30 years. The company has worldwide procurement activities complemented with production and sales operations in the Netherlands. Its SafeWood and SafeWood FRX products have been developed to make the application of timber possible for interior and exterior cladding and ceilings where fire regulations are concerned. 


photo_credit Shigeru Ban Architects
Shigeru Ban Architects

With over 40 years of experience PARKLEX PRODEMA offers a sustainable and innovative method of production for natural wood cladding. Its cladding products are low-maintenance, and feature straightforward installation and resistance to moisture and intensive use. Its products have been used on buildings ranging from cultural centers, to airports and private homes. Its NATURCLAD product range has natural wood surface layers and natural wood veneers that offer the aesthetic naturalness that wood-imitation solutions cannot provide.

8. Russwood, United Kingdom

photo_credit Russwood

Russwood are timber specialists, supplying sustainable, high-quality flooring, cladding, decking, interior cladding and fixings. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Russwood prides itself on its reputation for quality products and excellent technical expertise. Its Thermopine® is a timber with enhanced stability and durability, produced by thermally modifying Scandinavian grown Scots Pine using only heat and steam. Its advanced, highly controlled modification process results in a reduction of the wood’s tendency to shrink and swell whilst reducing its vulnerability to wood destroying organisms.

9. Nakamoto Forestry, United States

photo_credit Read McKendree
Read McKendree

The Nakamoto Zourin group is the largest siding mill in Japan and the world’s largest manufacturer of Yakisugi, a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation to achieve burnt timber cladding in the world, also known as “shou sugi ban”. The process of producing this cladding includes lightly brushing off the top layer of delicate soot - leaving a smooth, consistent, and dark surface. Nakamoto has managed sugi and hinoki forest in Hiroshima for over 100 years, and has four main mills that produce siding and flooring from sugi, hinoki, pine, oak, cherry, cedar, spruce, larch, and other species. Its Gendai with Linseed Oil BLACK Shou Sugi Ban wood cladding is a product that comes with a factory oil finish, delivered ready to install. 

10. Maibec, Canada

photo_credit Stephane Gaulin-Brown
Stephane Gaulin-Brown

Maibec siding has been known for over 40 years for its durability and high-quality finishes offered in a wide variety of colors. Its Exterior genuine wood and engineered siding is made according to the industry’s strictest standards for performance and appearance. Whether used alone or combined with trims or shingles, Maibec siding lends organic beauty and warmth to all design styles. Seven profiles are offered, and can be installed horizontally or vertically.

11. Abodo, New Zealand

photo_credit Abodo


Abodo is a New Zealand-based manufacturer of healthy exterior wood products that include decking, weatherboards, timber cladding and exterior construction timbers. Its Vulcan Shingles cladding product makes use of discarded wood manufacturing byproducts by collecting the material and trimming it to a uniform 450 millimeter length. The product is created thermally modified FSC®-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) New Zealand Radiata Pine, and was recognized by the Archello Awards 2023 program for its environmental-friendliness. 

12. VETEDY Group, Belgium

photo_credit VETEDY

Established in 1930, VETEDY Group began as a family-owned woodworking business. With a history of craftsmanship and a forward-thinking approach, VETEDY Group continues to redefine the standards of wood cladding worldwide. The company is the creator, producer and owner of the Softline® and Technideck® systems for decking and the Techniclic® system for cladding, a wooden cladding system with invisible fixation which allows for traditional horizontal or a modern vertical installation and is available in seven different wood species. 

13. Sculptform, Australia

photo_credit Sculptform

Sculptform offers a range of facade products that include the Sculptform Tongue and Groove Cladding, a high-performance, complete timber cladding system for durable, beautiful, long-lasting linear textures. The system has been carefully developed to accommodate natural movement. The boards are installed by using a self-drilling screw through the tongue. The screw head is concealed by the groove of the next board. 

14. reSAWN TIMBER co., United States

photo_credit reSAWN TIMBER co.

reSAWN TIMBER co. provides shou sugi ban, new, and reclaimed wood products for architectural specifications for exterior cladding and decking. The company provides the highest quality materials milled to exacting standards and finished in a way that enhances the natural beauty of the wood, such as for its product Grays Harbor: Vertical Grain Western Hemlock.

15. Binderholz GmbH, Austria

photo_credit Julian Höck for lechner & lechner architects
Julian Höck for lechner & lechner architects

Binderholz profiled timber offers a wide range of architectural design options for indoor and outdoor use, including products like binderholz CLT BBS. In addition to a large selection of profiles and surface treatments such as brushing, chipping and coating, the Binderholz profiled timber offering includes steamed profiled timber. The steaming is done without the addition of chemicals and promotes an even intensification of the timber’s natural color, resulting in a reclaimed wood look.

16. Gradhermetic, Spain

photo_credit Gradhermetic

Gradpanel's P W 140 lattices by Gradhermetic are made of slats of red cedar or heat treated pine wood that provide warmth and robustness to the facade. The slats, which can be fixed or adjustable, have a rectangular section in a solid one-piece profile and are installed in an extruded aluminum frame with an orientation strip. The combination of slats with extruded aluminum frames constitutes an elegant composition that at the same time is characterized by generating changing and warm facades. All woods come from forest forests protected and managed in a sustainable way under the PEFC and FSC labels.

17. Carpentier Hardwood Solutions, Belgium


Carpentier Hardwood Solutions supplies high-quality, eco-friendly timber cladding in oak, thermal wood varieties, Accoya and reclaimed barnwood. By working closely with product developers, Carpentier can offer innovative, stylish profiles that are even more user-friendly and easy to install. There is a very good reason that they call it ‘Smart wood for nice places’.

18. dasso Group, China

photo_credit dasso Group
dasso Group

dasso's mission is, through active innovation, quality thinking and understanding of commercial possibilities, is to give the world beautiful, long-lasting and environmentally friendly bamboo products. Founded in 1993, dasso is one of the global innovators in the bamboo industry. With over 30 years of product production, the company boasts eight manufacturing facilities and over 1000 employees, managing over 2,700 acres of productive, sustainable bamboo forests in China. Its product range includes dassoCTECH Lumber & Panel.

19. Platowood, Netherlands

photo_credit  Olaf Gipser Architects
Olaf Gipser Architects

Platowood provides sustainable, dimensionally stable and highly processable wood that originates from responsibly managed forests. Its patented and sustainable finishing process enhances the qualities that are already present inside the wood, without the use of any chemical additives. By platonising under low temperatures, it allows the wood to maintain its cell structure, and is the only company in the world that modifies wood in this durable way. Its Platowood Poplar comes from FSC-certified forests in Europe and is characterized by its uniform grain, light line drawing and refined hues. 

20. Déco, Italy

photo_credit Déco

Déco opens new possibilities for outdoor living and to exterior design proposing high performing coverings in composite and natural wood, durable and with a minimum need for maintenance. Déco places particular attention in the development of new ventilated façade covering systems to offer solutions capable of optimizing the energy and acoustic performance of buildings. It manufactures products that include Firewall Composite Wood Cladding.


photo_credit David Foessel for SCHEMAA
David Foessel for SCHEMAA

PIVETEAUBOIS produces a spectrum of facade claddings such as Melodik, a 3D exterior cladding made of various thickness and widths to give a rhythm to a facade. Melodik’s elements are interchangeable allowing architects to compose facades in unique ways. Made of French Douglas fir, Melodik cladding is meant to be set up vertically. It is composed with four profiles and is available in gray and brown impregnations.

22. Siberian Larch Cladding, United Kingdom

photo_credit Siberian Larch Cladding
Siberian Larch Cladding

The high resin content found in Siberian larch makes it one of the most durable softwoods in the world. Siberian larch trees grow very slowly and consequently the larch wood is extremely dense and strong when compared to other softwoods such as spruce and cedar. Siberian Larch Cladding is a highly versatile timber product and is a preferred choice for timber cladding by architects and self-builders. With a durability class 3, it has an anticipated service life of 20 to 30 years when left untreated. 

23. SIVALBP, France

photo_credit SIVALBP

Sivalbp is an expert in the manufacturing of wood cladding. Produced in the French Alps, its wood cladding offerings range from western red cedar to ecothermo nordic pine and douglas fir cladding. Sivalbp’s timber cladding products for housing facades like ECOTHERMO New Age irisé 108 are fire certified, and its ‘eco thermo’ process is respectful of the environment while preserving the wood without using any chemical additive or fossil fuels. The process consists in heating the wood slowly to 200 degrees, alternating rise of temperature with re-humidification phases.

24. Woodsafe

photo_credit Woodsafe Timber Protection AB
Woodsafe Timber Protection AB

Woodsafe Timber Protection AB offers innovative fireproofing services of wood products suitable for building sustainable cities and communities built in wood. It is a leading manufacturer that creates added value through comprehensive knowledge of fireproofed wood. The Woodsafe Exterior WFX™ is a unique fire impregnation system for wood products that is based on polymer technology, which means that the fire protection agent hardens and forms a waterproof polymer. The result is that wooden cladding can be exposed in an exterior environment without requiring surface treatment for natural aging. 

25. LDCwood

photo_credit LDCwood



LDCwood manages the overall process from forest to final product, without intermediaries for products such as ThermoWood® Thermo-Ayous and Thermo-Fraké thermally modified wood species. Due to LDCwood's manufacturing process, negative aspects of wood such as fungal growth, increased humidity levels, infestations of insects, expansion and contraction are reduced to a minimum or completely eliminated.