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Project • By Projeto PontoOffices

Mi9 Comunicação

Mi9 Comunicação needed a functional space with an identity. His project was developed from the study of the company's brand and visual identity, composed of red, black and white, and straight and simple lines. Neutral colors and textures were used as a base and the red color is occasionally found in some prominent elements. The language used was based on industrial and contemporary styles. The industrialist refers to urbanity, cities, references to the urban advertising service in the OOH - Out of Home segment, provided by the company. It translates into the choice of metallic finishes, present in furniture, lamps and in the finish of the glass partition, in the texture of burnt cement, in the leather finish of the seats and... More

Project • By Michel Macedo ArquitetosPrivate Houses

RG House

Conditioned by an environmentally protected area on the backyard, the RG house diverges into two distinct priority facts, one environmental and another human: the uneven topography, characteristic of the city, and the contemplative value that the preserved vegetation offers to the residents on the most private limit of the lot.   The project proposes an alternative that reconciles these two aspects. From the street, the house extends from the upper level to the backyard, in a way that floats on the topography while suits it, creating a shaded area on the ground and linking the main access to the street. In this conformation, the project assumes a elevated ground floor for intimate purposes - whose elevation allows privacy and the bes... More

Project • By SAINZ arquiteturaOffices

Clinica L´Or

The design solution is related to the personal meaning of Luxury, the architects has deeply analyze this word in essence as the opportunity to use the time as a real value for art, contemplation, socialization and other luxuries in everyday life today. Also, the meaning of "Beaty" is relative, for the architects this word is extremely related to minimalism, elegance and synthetic material, Beaty is a quality behind the material, is just a concept.Also, the architects have a very specific interest in the first impressions o a new visitor intro the clinic, the first space is a reception lounge, with bar, table and sofas, is very clean and also very complex space, made in gold metal (brass) and white concrete. Attach to this space is a small l... More

Project • By FPR StudioApartments

Apartment Pinheiro Guimarães

Location: Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brazil.Renovation and decoration project.What were the main changes (during the construction process and on the structure) needed to make the construction feasible? Were there any modifications made to increase and make more of the space available? The project included a complete renovation from the demolition of the access to the guest’s toilet turned into an on-suite bathroom, to the demolition of the hallway wall to create an open concept to the living room.New or old apartment? Old apartment.Total project timeframe? One month of design project and three months for renovation and construction on site.Profile of the residents? Concerning age group, children, profession/occupation field, I could say:... More

Project • By FPR StudioApartments

Apartment Gloria

- Author of the project: Fabiano Ravaglia- Location: Glória - Rio de Janeiro- Renovation and decoration project.- Main changes during the construction process and on the structure needed to make the construction feasible: the apartment had transformations, which resulted in great environmental comfort, with more natural light and better air circulation through the opening of one of the bedrooms to widen the living room and also through shifting the existing windows for doors to the outdoor area. Using new finishing generates the visual impact, that sectorized spaces and gave new textures to the rooms.- Old property.- Total project timeframe: three months.- Resident’s profile: Single man, 48 years old, no kids and works as a theater producer... More

Project • By Rede ArquitetosUniversities

UFC Russas

TheRussas Advanced Campus of the Federal University of Cearáis part of a larger plan to take public University to the interior of Brazil, democratizing opportunities. The first stage consists of three structural units: the portico access, the connecting walkway and the administrative and teaching building. The design was thought to facilitate future expansions and design each unit according to their specific function, also seeking to give unity to the group, either through building elements and materials used, or through the appreciationof the free shaded areas without a defined use, also present throughout the buildings. The understanding that the exchange of knowledge occurs also in these meeting spaces has motivated the creation of it.... More

Project • By Studio Otto FelixBars

Nosotros Bar

Designed by architecture and design firm Studio Otto Felix, Nosotros bar merges an elegant, light, straight architecture, with few plans to strong artistic elements that take sides of the two only existing walls and ceiling - completing the goal of creating something unusual and striking that combined with bartender and co-owner, Rafael Araujo´s sophisticated drinks. The project is a 140m square open building built in a square with only six pillars and two walls, which support a light cover inclined to the end, creating openings directed to the busiest areas, bringing the outside sensation into the interior, directing the public attention to the bar. The background wall, receives a 11 meter wide faceted plaster sculpture, which goes unde... More