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NewsNews • 4 Oct 2022

GWWO Architects celebrates sustainability by building over an existing building in Angelica Park

Built on top of an existing structure in Angelica Park in Reading, PA, Berks nature, designed by GWWO Architects, sets an example for innovative conservation practices. Constructed in two phases, the existing phase is a LEED Gold certified building comprising classrooms, offices, conference rooms, outdoor learning areas and a play area.  Tom Holdsworth The orientation of the structure pays tribute to the environment, offering panoramic views of the wetland park and fostering a visual dialogue with the nearby Neversink Mountain. The demand for program expansion led to the design of an additional part over the existing building, minimising site disturbance and promoting environmental sensitivity and cost-effectiveness. ... More

Project • By Architectural WorkshopUniversities

LynxConnect at the Tivoli

LynxConnect is a one-stop shop for student resources and individualized support encompassing career opportunities and experiences outside the classroom by housing four university offices; Career Center, Experiential Learning Center, Global Education: Study Abroad, and Undergraduate Research. The old abandoned movie theater was sitting mostly unused with seating still in place in some theaters  and a concession counter, the only exceptions were for storage and makeshift meeting areas. Because of its central location on campus, in the Tivoli Student Union, this location is ideal for student support departments. Ed LaCasse At the beginning of design, the department heads and design team toured and gathered information on other campu... More

Project • By Rojo Fernandez ShawAuditoriums

Julia Powell Hall - Runnymede College Campus

In November 2016, Runnymede College – a British school located in Madrid, Spain – called for an architecture competition to configure its premises, of 6.760 sq. mt. property including new and existing buildings, the common spaces and the sports grounds, according to an Anglo Saxon academic and environmental model. A pragmatic approach to knowledge, interdisciplinary programs, the charismatic figure of the tutor and an emphasis on collaborative work shape the character of the spatial organization, its atmosphere and the system of visual and physical relationships.  Luis Asín Rojo/Fernández-Shaw won the competition with the catchword “UNCAMPUS” (one campus).The proposal UNCAMPUS endowed the sch... More

Project • By Rojo Fernandez ShawPrimary Schools

Founder's Hall - Runnymede College Campus

For the sake of sustainability and economy, Founders Hall takes an existing structure on site as its point of departure. Built of a conventional modular system of post and beam porticoes, it provided the new architecture with a geometrical and dimensional base. The two-floor structure was completed and extended by a new system of steel trusses that allowed for the widening of the module (the two central columns in the porticoes were removed and the width span covered with no intermediate structure), the opening of the planimetric space and the introduction of natural light through skylights on the roof.    Luis Asín In the plan the repetition of modular and neutral rooms facilitates a variety of arrangements and spati... More

Project • By Cubo Arkitekter A/SSecondary Schools

Mercantec - Business and Technical College

The new ‘Mercantec - Midtbyens Gymnasium’, a business and technical college, emphasizes the city's ambitious visions for urban development. Here, 1,200 students and 130 employees unfold and thrive in innovative and inspiring settings that support learning, development and social life within the building and the surrounding urban environment.  The project completes the overall urban development project that Cubo Arkitekter has been part of, which also includes a 2 bridges along The Ancient Road ‘Hærvejsbroen’. The Ancient Road runs from Northern Germany to the very top of Denmark. The bridges are the city's new central connection, that connects the city center to the new urban development area, 'Viborg Ban... More

Project • By ANA DESIGN STUDIO PVT LTDUniversities

Kashmir University Zakura Campus

Design ObjectiveTo create a campus for learning and interaction between students and faculty, in line with the best practices globally, and, to create a template for highly energy efficient building construction, Design for flexibility of space usage and adpatbiltiy for future growth. What really won for us was the non-cookie cutter approach to the design of different campuses. Each location had a different climate, a different traditional visual language of architecture. Suryan//Dang Because of our initial experience of research in the northern hilly regions in Kashmir and Leh, we also had a first hand experience of how that particular place wanted. So, we created the designs of these institutes with an architectural language rooted... More

Project • By AARTUniversities

Aarhus BSS

Flexible study environments and sustainable solutions combined with high architectural qualities. These are the key elements in the future Aarhus BSS. The ambition is to create a new landmark for the city of Aarhus and a meeting point in the University City - the upcoming city-integrated campus at Aarhus University. Particularly significant will be the large auditorium, which will be established as a rotunda in glass and aluminium in the central square and thus become a spectacular centre of the campus. Caption In 2025, Aarhus BSS will move its activities across the city - from its current address to the University City. With the move, students and staff can, among other things, can look forward to a number of new and larger auditoriu... More

Project • By IMK ArchitectsUniversities

Symbiosis International University

Nestled atop a rocky plateau in Lavale, a small village on the outskirts of Pune, the Symbiosis International University campus creates an idyllic and vibrant learning environment. The campus, home to 1000 students, houses educational and administration functions for four faculties –– the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, the Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, the Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management and the Symbiosis Institute of Photography –– in addition to an auditorium and convention centre, a library, and housing, dining, and recreational facilities for students and staff. Buildings and systems are designed to respond to local climate and ecology and integrate seamlessly with the landscap... More

Project • By Kohn Pedersen Fox AssociatesUniversities

Earl G. Graves School of Business

The new Earl G. Graves School of Business & Management asserts Morgan State University’s role in the surrounding community and offers a striking statement of its figurative presence in Baltimore. Replacing the School’s 1970s-era facility, the new building reflects the energy and spirit of the School, offering a framework for creating a strong academic community, while also embodying the University’s commitment to sustainability. In support of the University’s programs, services, and activities related to business and management, the building includes state-of-the-art learning, study, and collaboration environments consistent with the School’s high academic standards and aspirations. With its central atrium... More

Project • By Kohn Pedersen Fox AssociatesUniversities

Stephen M. Ross School of Business

Cementing the University of Michigan’s standing as one of the premier business schools in America, the Ross School of Business complex is a world-class facility with an enduring local identity. Completed in two phases over the course of 12 years, the project combined new construction and renovation to provide the school with one of the most advanced business education facilities in the world. The primary objective was to transform the culture of the school, giving it a strong identity with a new front door and a cohesive and inspiring series of exterior and interior spaces, including a winter garden that serves as a much-needed physical center of gravity for the school’s intellectual and social life. The complex provides facil... More

Project • By Uygur ArchitectsPrimary Schools

TED Ankara College Campus

Ted Ankara College, giving education to 6000 students per year for 70 years, used to have a strong relation with the city thanks to its location, though with a lack of open spaces. The project aims to increase the amount of open spaces while intensifying the social life-education relation. As a significant design principle, contemporary education is adopted by composing various indoor and outdoor common spaces. The main theme is interpretation and projection of city simulation in a campus plan. City life is considered as the main educational framework by providing numerous common places where education comes into the practice. Cemal Emden Cemal Emden The classrooms are defined as “ateliers” instead of being compartmen... More

Project • By Pei Cobb Freed & PartnersUniversities

Marion Anderson Hall, UCLA School of Management

This addition to the original Anderson School complex creates a bold campus presence that reimagines UCLA’s traditional four-color blended brick and buff-colored cast-stone masonry banding. Transforming a condition long considered an unsightly barrier between the school and the core campus, the design sites the building atop an existing parking structure east of the original complex, framing a new pedestrian plaza and cascading grand stair to the south. The result is a new primary entrance to the school that also serves as a dramatic gateway to UCLA’s North Campus.   Inside the building, state-of-the-art, acoustically optimized spaces are designed to support evolving models of business education. In addition to administra... More

Project • By Mathews + Associates ArchitectsSecondary Schools

Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool Art Campus

In 2014 the illustrious Afrikaans Hoër Seunskool, commissioned a new music centre to be designed by Mathews + Associates Architects. Currently, the school hosts one of the largest music departments in the country with 240 high school learners who are taught musical theory and may choose to play an instrument of their choice. Furthermore, the orchestra, choir, bands and ensembles allow learners to make music collectively. The new centre will bring all this together and even contribute to this musical and artistic education in a dedicated, vibrant artistic precinct which includes a main hall for orchestral and choir practice (including a recording studio), four acoustically sound classrooms, twenty individual practice rooms and offices a... More

Project • By Mathews + Associates ArchitectsBridges

Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria

OVERALL VIEWThe Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria consists of a public art gallery and Mapungubwe museum linked to an open museum square which includes a restaurant and outdoor exhibition space located in a publicly accessible portion of the University’s South Campus. The gallery extends over Lynnwood road with a bridge gallery which includes a pedestrian concourse, stitching together the University’s Hatfield Campus and South Campus and touching down on a new University art square positioned above a new student gallery.   BRIDGE GALLERY STITCHING TWO CAMPUSESThe Javett Art Centre at UP provides a public showcase for our national treasures elevating art firmly into the public domain while celebrating and ext... More

Project • By PAB ArchitectsSecondary Schools

Gökçeada High School Campus

Gökçeada High School Campus consists of a high school, a vocational school, a dormitory, a sports center, a conference hall, and a library. The campus is situated on Gökçeada Island in Aegean Sea. PAB Architects won the architectural competition in 2014 and the realized design is in use by 2019. The design of the campus proposes an alternative, innovative and participatory learning environment which puts the student in a central role.  The main aim of the project is to create an 'open campus' by an integrated life between educational-social spaces of the school and the urban environment. Being on an island, the town is an isolated settlement with limited resources. Having townspeople to share the library, confe... More