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NewsNews • 4 Dec 2020

Archisbang transforms mundane 60s structure into impressive monolith

For environmental reasons Archisbang opted not to tear down the mundane 60s apartment building, but strip it all the way to its skeleton and reshape it as a modern monolith placed on an Italian hillside.  Aldo Amoretti The building skin is upgraded with an external insulation system covered by lightweight cement boards roughly plastered with natural lime mortar. The architects accentuated the openings in a play of voids that puncture the monolithic volume. Aldo Amoretti The building houses three independently accessible apartments. Circulation is done by elevator and interior stairwell. An external metal staircase makes the apartments and rooftop independently accessible. Aldo Amoretti The ground floor includes a gara... More

NewsNews • 2 Oct 2020

Nendo showcases the playful side of marble in Marsotto showroom

Nendo welcomes visitors with a soft recess in the marble facade. The designers hope neighbors will start using it as impromptu street furniture. A door hidden in the marble front gives entrance to marble manufacturer Marsotto’s showroom in Milan’s Brera district. Hiroki Tagma A mesh like marble partition in the entrance space covers the staircase behind. The partition is made from two layers of 10 mm thick marble, perforated by 65 mm wide holes, sandwiched between glass sheets. Hiroki Tagma The showroom exhibits marble furniture, sundries, and samples of processed materials. The ground level aims to give the physical experience of marble processing techniques, while the basement is designed for visitors to enjoy the... More

Project • By Netti ArchitettiUniversities

Poliba Student Center

The new Student Centre  is located within the  Polytechnic Institute in Bari, inside the town university campus.  It represents the first step of the requalification program of  open spaces and of  student services entitled Poliba Elements. It performs  all Campus  essential functions such as  the first aid centre  on the ground floor, the wide  space for team workings  on the first floor and two smaller classrooms on the second floor. The building has a long façade with horizontal wood slats around  the existing galleries. Thanks to two new staircases, located at the end of the Student Centre building, there are two independent entrances for  pedestrian and vehicular... More

Project • By Netti ArchitettiApartments


The building is located in  Bari  Libertà district,  an  area characterized by intensive residential housing and  extensive degradation: it  replaces a pre-existing two level  building of low value. There is  a  shop on the ground floor and six  flats on three different levels facing  both sides of the building: the southern side of  each apartment overlooks via Crispi while   the northern side  gives onto the garden-parking. These apartments have different sizes (45 and 80 square meters). The roof terrace is accessible for the maintenance of all technological equipments located there. The façade design creates a screen between the house space and the stree... More

Project • By Netti ArchitettiApartments

Edificio residenziale Omodeo 57

The residential building Omodeo 57, in via Omodeo, is the first built among those of the PIRP (plan for the redevelopment of the suburbs) promoted by the Municipality of Bari. The densification of the urban fabric is among the main goals of the PIRP, to be pursued through the planning of two new building complexes. The first one, Omodeo 57, located between the important green areas of the University Campus’s Bothanical Garden and Villa Capriati; the second is under construction, near the Church of San Marcello. The residential building Omodeo 57 stands on the border of the area covered by the plan, filling the plot and recreating the alignment with the neighbouring buildings. Two buildings of different heights rise from a common base... More

Project • By Maffeis EngineeringExhibition Centres

New Entrance Re Teodorico

The “New Entrance Re Teodorico” entrance plaza on the south side of the Veronafiere Trade Show grounds, an international leader in the agriculture and agro-food sector, hosting 45% of Italian trade shows in their two fields. More than 87% of Veronafiere’s turnover is generated by its organized exhibitions. The project is a steel roof structure, L-shape in plan, that extends over an area of 6,750 square meters. The design is based on merging the two concepts of an undulating veil and an organic surface. The wavy effect was created with high and low points in the structure, that are required for drainage. The organic shape was created by using a Voronoi pattern highlighting diversity as a visual effect. The macro modules wi... More

NewsMaterialization • 24 Jul 2020

Federico Delrosso places Glass House inspired home on top of Italian ruins

Inspired by Philip Johnson’s Glass House as well as a minimal-naturalist approach, Teca House is a contemporary building born from the ruins of a rustic house on the Biellese hills of Italy. Designed by Federico Delrosso Architects, the existing rural wall systems become the base, connecting the house with the surrounding territory. Above is a new intervention, light and transparent: a structure in concrete that opens towards the landscape with two large horizontal wings and a completely openable glass layer that contains the volume. Credit: Matteo Piazza The building has an area of approximately 80 square meters which extends by another 50 square meters by opening the sliding glass walls that surround the volume. The flexibilit... More

Project • By FlosShowrooms

Fantini Showroom

The company Fantini is situated in the location of Pella, on the banks of Lake Orta. The project, designed by the architect Piero Lissoni & Partners, represents an attractive and innovative example of how industrial buildings can be successfully integrated into a natural landscape. To think of new lighting systems in the most modern design sector is one of the priorities of the architect and designer Piero Lissoni, one of the most iconic Flos' historical designers. For this reason, some of Lissoni's distinctive luminaires for Flos have been used in the gorgeous Fantini's Showroom, along with others designed by Flos Architectural and other important designers that work for Flos. We can appreciate the following luminaires: Toio, UT Spot,... More

Project • By FlosOffices

Riva Offices Milan

Riva Group is Italy's largest steel producer and the fifth biggest player in the European steel industry. Founded in 1954 by Emilio Riva, a pioneer in postwar Italian steel, the Group has specialised in the manufacturing of products using electric arc steelworks, and in 60 years of business it has achieved an international leadership, expanding in the main European countries, thanks to high production standards and to a focused and steady strategy of growth and investments. Chaired by Claudio Riva since May 2014, the Group is privately owned and employs almost 5,000 people. To think of new lighting systems in the most modern design sector is one of the priorities of the Riva Group. For this reason, specialised and custom made Flos' luminai... More

Project • By FlosOffices

Alberto del Biondi Offices

Alberto del Biondi Offices is situated in Padova (Italy). It is a Design and Product Creation Company in the Shoe and Accessories Industry, realizing unique and brand right solutions, supported by intensive research and creativity around materials. Its founders, Alberto del Biondi and Sabrina Maschio, combine state of the art innovation and traditional artisanal know how, allowing its clients to develop unique product solutions and to dramatically accelerate the speed to market.   To think of new lighting systems in the most modern design sector is one of the priorities of the company Alberto del Biondi. For this reason, specialised and custom made Flos' luminaires have been used in their offices.   Images: © Santi Caleca More

Project • By Team4Theme Parks


CONTRABAND is a project developed within the "Riabitare le Alpi" Atelier. The team was assigned the number 4, hence the title TEAM4. It consists of a network of mountain routes that go back to the routes of smugglers moving between Italy and France. The information on smuggling in Valle Stura comes mainly from the direct testimonies of those who lived those experiences on their own skin. The video "La Couòntrobando, un mestíer per viure", shot in 2013 thanks to the contribution of local authorities, in which those who were the smugglers, and also an ex-financier, told facts and anecdotes was of fundamental importance for the investigation of their life.   We must understand the border not as a limit but as an area in... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAWorkshops

Farm Cultural Park

Favara is a city of Sicily, Italy, which is renovating its historic centre. Currently, visitors from all parts of Italy and Europe are visiting to see the cultural revolution and urban regeneration which is changing the beautiful city of Favara thanks to Farm Cultural Park. The architects and professors of Polytechnic University of Milan, Marco Imperadori and Andrea Vanossi, in collaboration with PORCELANOSA Italy and KRION Solid Surface, have created the non-profit project for the SOU Children’s Architecture School, which provides children and young people who visit its facilities in their free time with a dynamic, nurturing learning environment. The company Legnoarreda di Butera Angelo, with headquarters i... More

Project • By KreonPrivate Houses

Private residence, Umbria

Photographer: Serge Brison This beautiful comtemporary villa, located in Umbria, Italy is entirely illuminaited with kreon tools of light. An array of kreon luminaries were used througout the entire villa. Tracklights, equipped with kreon erubo for flexible solutions, downlights and directional spotlights were applied as accent lighting. kreon nuit profiles add character and architectural unity to the living spaces whereas and kreon side luminaires, serve as floorwashers.  More

Project • By GBa Studio_Gianluca Brini ArchitettoHospitals

Nuova Villa Bellombra_Healthcare Building

The Private Hospital Nursing Home Villa Bellombra is a hospital that deliversperformance in continuous hospitalization for post-acute care, with rehabilitation function.In particular, it is a health facility entirely dedicated to intensive rehabilitation ofneurological and orthopedic, recovery and functional rehabilitation.The "definitive" project essentially starts with a FABRIC scheme, mostly of just oneplan, already assessed initially but on different assumptions (for example, wards to bodyquintuple), developed by compacting the part of the wards around the vast garden, inso that you have a direct visual relationship with the outside and the green both outside and "inside"(green that also enters the building, and that beyond its use or n... More

Project • By Luigi Valente ArchitettoTheaters

Transformation of Saint Rocco Church into Theater

The project is aimes to achieve the functional restoration of the former Saint Rocco’s church, for cultural purposes, while transforming it into a permanent theater and a multi-purpose hall.   Mildly maintained over the years, the building has been affected by general renovation works on the roof with the addition of a reinforced concrete curb stiffened by transversal steel tie rods and the replacement of the original roof with a concrete and masonry structure.   Being the building bound and of secular construction, however having a public non-religious theatrical destination from an earlier period to 1967, the works of stage adjustment, maintenance of the installations, safety and furnishing were necessary to make the h... More