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NewsNews • 22 Apr 2024

Key projects by NOA

NOA is a collective of architects and interior designers founded in 2011 by Stefan Rier and Lukas Rungger. It was established in Bolzano, Italy with the intent of pursuing a robust connection to the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the urban landscape. NOA operates as an open laboratory where experimentation and curiosity serve as the driving forces behind its work. With a decade of work experience in different cities, including New York, London, Berlin, Milan, Ferrara, and Graz, the firm brings diverse cultural and social influences to its designs. NOA has grown to include over 30 creatives in its network, with three additional partners and offices in Bolzano, Berlin, Turin, and Milan. With its experiment... More

Project • By monovolume architecture + designHousing

House Carezza

Not far from Lake Carezza, in the Eggental valley, surrounded by lush larch forests and rugged peaks, lies House Carezza. The landscape here is a true paradise: The colours of the lake and the light of dusk are reflected on the surrounding peaks, offering breathtaking sunsets. The two new wooden houses translate the alpine architectural tradition of farmhouses into the present by combining materials such as wood and stone with modern technologies and reinterpreting the material separation between the upper and lower parts that is characteristic of this type of building.
 Giovanni De Sandre Giovanni De Sandre Giovanni De Sandre Giovanni De Sandre Giovanni De Sandre Giovanni De Sandre From above, you can see the... More

Project • By Raum3 ArchitektenBars

Almhotel Oberhauser

The Almhotel Oberhauser with 10 high-quality rooms was developed from the existing Oberhauserhütte on the beautiful Rodenecker/Lüsner Alm. The existing building served as the basis for the new building; the continuation of the typical local building typologies, yet with a contemporary design, and the deliberate division of the building mass into smaller volumes, create a pleasant composition of volumes. Gustav Willeit Gustav Willeit Gustav Willeit These are integrated into the landscape, taking into account the existing topology of the terrain - the house grows with the landscape or grows out of it. The gabled roof, a typical element of rural construction, is used as a landmark in the landscape and makes the ensemb... More

NewsNews • 10 Jul 2023

Marble employed as an object of contemplation in sobre GEMEG showroom transformation

In Carrara, Italy, architect Victor Vasilev has completed the transformation of an industrial building owned by the Tuscan company GEMEG into a showroom to display one of the most precious materials used in architecture and art – marble. A world leader in the extraction and commercialization of Carrara White, as well as Statuario and Calcutta marble, GEMEG has been working with this material since 1993, transforming it into today’s well-known trends in interior design.  Leo Torri With a precise and technical volume, the building is consistent both inside and outside, with a prevalence of grays that shape a pure and essential container. The main façade is punctuated by a monumental colonnade that spans the b... More

NewsNews • 9 Jun 2023

25 best architecture firms in Italy

Italy is home to a myriad of architectural styles, both contemporary and historical. From the glorious ancient Roman ruins to the sublime Renaissance masterpieces, Italian heritage has been a beacon of architectural ingenuity through the ages. The Renaissance, in particular, marked a golden period of unparalleled artistic and intellectual awakening, with visionaries like Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, and Palladio pushing the boundaries of architectural expression and laying the foundation for future generations. The country underwent a seismic shift during the dark years of fascism, distorting the harmony between architectural design, planning and human scale. However, in the wake of the oppressive environment, Italy emerged as a laboratory... More

NewsNews • 22 May 2023

Flaviano Capriotti Architetti foster the relationship between design and haute cuisine with their latest concept for Andrea Aprea in Milan

In the centre of Milan, this latest restaurant of two Michelin-starred chef Andrea Aprea is located on the top floor of Fondazione Luigi Rovati, a scientific and cultural institution. The project was designed by Flaviano Capriotti Architetti, who also undertook the design of Caffe Bistrot, which overlooks a secret green courtyard. Massi Ninni Totaling 400 square meters in area, the Andrea Aprea Restaurant is divided into uses, including a 210 square meter dining room, an additional private dining area, a cellar, and an entrance hall. There is room for 36 diners in the central dining room, with the diners arranged over eight tables.   Architect Capriotti describes the design concept as an aesthetic frame to hang Andrea Aprea'... More

NewsNews • 14 May 2022

Luconi architetti mix modern elements with traditional Alpine architecture

Located in the Alpine region of Madesimo, Italy, Baita MV by Luconi architetti comprises an extension and interior renovation of an existing hut that was previously renovated by another owner.  Marcello Mariana Keeping much of the existing structure, external changes include the replacement of fixed wooden cladding with a system of opening doors that when in use reveal new large windows overlooking the mountainous landscape from the mezzanine level. The result is a building with two characters – one more traditional when closed and another more contemporary, light, and transparent when open.  Marcello Mariana The project is conceived at two very different levels – both in the program and in character. The u... More
MOSO Bamboo X-treme Decking in a private residence in Sardegna

Project • By MOSO Bamboo ProductsPrivate Houses

Private Residence in Sardegna

This private residence is located in Portobello di Gallura, on the island of Sardinia in Italy. With a modern and timeless design, the outdoor area is a real haven of peace; furnished and decorated to evoke relaxation. From the deck, owners enjoy a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea. Caption Freedom in design MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® Decking is installed around the swimming pool and subtle cut-outs have been made in order to install the deck around the surrounding rocks. Due to the stability of MOSO bamboo decking, a design like this is possible and tight fittings are no problem, providing architects with the freedom for such playful and precise designs. Caption More

NewsNews • 4 Mar 2022

25 best architecture firms in Milan

From the Salone del Mobile, founded in 1961, to a rich history that includes the 1980s Memphis Group, design and architecture are part of the fabric of the city of Milan. For this article, we rounded up 25 architecture studios doing noteworthy and exciting work from Milan-based offices. Our list includes architects who co-founded the Memphis Group, but it also includes studios practicing for less than a decade. Throughout, we found firms dedicated to creating distinctive work that moves the city and industry forward. Forging new ground while staying dedicated to client needs, these 25 studios are helping to design today’s world.    Jod Schwefelbad by Matteo Thun & Partners - © Jens Weber 1. Matteo Thun &... More

NewsNews • 8 Feb 2022

Mario Cucinella Architects complete the solitary, serene, and monolithic Santa Maria Goretti Church

Designed by Mario Cucinella Architects, the recently completed Santa Maria Goretti Church is situated in the Calabrian hill town of Mormanno, Italy. The solitary, serene, and monolithic appearance of the building is inspired by natural forms as well as the austere and beautiful apsidal Calabrian churches constructed by monks escaping persecution from the eastern reaches of the former Roman Empire. This new parish is dedicated to Saint Maria Goretti (1890-1902) – the Catholic Church’s youngest saint. Duccio Malagamba A single-storey framed largely in concrete, the building houses a parish meeting room, church classrooms, and the residence of the priest. These uses are gathered around a central planted courtyard under a livi... More

Project • By LDA.iMdA architetti associatiShowrooms


poliQemme è uno degli ultimi progetti di recupero di uno spazio interno che abbiamo realizzato, uno spazio polifunzionale per eventi, degustazioni e mostre dell'azienda agricola Querciamatta.Queste sono alcune delle immagini della serie “scende il giallo” che MEDULLA Studio ha realizzato all’interno di poliQemme. MEDULLA studio MEDULLA studio poliQemme is one of the latest projects for the recovery of an internal space that we have created, a multifunctional space for events, tastings and exhibitions of the Querciamatta farm.These are some of the images from the “scende il giallo” series that MEDULLA Studio created within poliQemme. MEDULLA studio MEDULLA studio LDA.iMdA More

Project • By ss67architetti | Lucia Barna | Roberto CastellaniMasterplans

The Renaissance of Vernazza

Cinque Terre's Comeback: How Vernazza Rebuilt ItselfWhen a biblical storm rolled across the Cinque Terre, northwest Italy’s string of five historic coastal villages (Porotfino, Monteroso, Vernazza, Corniglia, and Riomaggiore), last October, the floods carried fishing boats all the way to Morocco—and almost wiped the prettiest village, Vernazza, off the map. Pritzker Prize–winning British architect Richard Rogers, who has vacationed in the town for more than 50 years, is spearheading (with Italian architect Ernesto Bartolini and Roberto Castellani) a master plan for the public areas that is funded by nonprofit organizations such as Save Vernazza. The Rogers' Plan for the Reconstruction and Requalification of Vernazza has... More

Project • By Park AssociatiOffices

Pirelli 35

Snøhetta and Park Associati are the winners of the competition organized by Coima for the refurbishment of the existing 1960’s office block Pirelli P35 in the heart of Milan, Italy. The proposals for the Pirelli 35 competition by the two practices perfectly interpreted the client’s brief on project’s complementary aspects. Coima came up with the idea of offering the two practices the chance to cooperate and create the perfect collaboration. Park and Snøhetta have taken up the challenge and then they have been working hard together to tackle the complexities and develop the two ideas.   The new project – Snohetta’s first in Italy – is the result of a decidedly great collaboration, in w... More

Project • By ss67architetti | Lucia Barna | Roberto CastellaniMuseums

MUSNAF | Natural History Museum

The new layout of the Museum of Natura l History and Academy of Sciences, hosted in the former "della Rosa" monastery of the Camaldolese Order in Siena, is the result of an operation with attention to the pre-existent, without ignoring the interpretation of new requirements deriving from the functional and systemic upgrades, expressed in a contemporary, restrained and wel l-ca librated language. The inclusion of the compound in the museum system of Siena since 1996 made it necessary to reorganise and modernise the exposition space by augmenting the cultural, educational and expositional aspects of the museum as a whole. Developed and implemented by a series of successive functional lots beginning in 2000, the design was initially directed b... More

Project • By ss67architetti | Lucia Barna | Roberto CastellaniOffices

KME Hall

KME group’s new hall in Florence is a representative environment, suitable for welcoming visitors and customers in a space which is both functional and comfortable for business meetings. The initial regular volume was deconstructed to expand the perception of space and amplify its expressive and practical capacity. A skilful play of volumes and light contrasts the orthogonality of the environment: elliptical volumes described by numerous vertical elements in polished copper intersect at different heights. The curvilinear shapes, the rhythmic repetition of the vertical elements, the different heights, all combine to expand the perception of space, making it multiform, in constant evolution, enveloping and creating an intimate, yet ope... More