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Project • By Gulyaev + TsakhariasShops

Yuliawave store

INTRO The concept of the store is based on natural, monochrome materials that complement each other and are responsible for the bold character of the brand. One of the inspirations was the concrete walls, which we cleaned of paint, showing the aesthetics of concrete and building structures. The lack of a large number of familiar finishing materials on the market has become a challenge for us. The initial idea of using non-finish coatings and showing the "nature" of building materials has made sense. Daniel Annenkov Planning solution The planning solution is built on two halls:main and private. They are separated from each other by a multifunctional core, which comfortably accommodates fitting rooms, an open warehouse area, a manager'... More

Project • By Simple. ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Private house in Paros

The property is located in close proximity to the sea, but due to the nature of its topography, there is no direct view of it. The area has low grass and shrub vegetation and no existing natural protection from the sun. These factors, together with the investor’s wish for a house larger than the permitted above-ground construction on the island, are fundamental in the development of the project idea. Caption The house is completely sunken into the ground and consists of 13 modules with a square-shaped plan that are combined in different ways to create a spatial organization. The modules are divided into residential units and patio units with the basic principle being that each residential unit has at least one adjacent patio. Th... More

Project • By Simple. ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Private house in Sozopol

The house is located near the Black sea town of Sozopol and is situated on a plot with panoramic sea view. Assen Emilov Assen Emilov The project consists of partial reconstruction and complete visual transformation of the existing house. The old house was built around 15 years ago in a style imitating the authentic for Sozopol architectural elements and materials: multitude of inclined roofs with tiles, facade planking and tile cladding, bay-windows and arches. Assen Emilov Assen Emilov The wish of the contractor has been to achieve the exactly opposite effect: to have a contrasting, memorable, minimalistic and contemporary architecture. The biggest challenge of the project has been to reduce as much as feasible the cl... More

Project • By MUS ARCHITECTSPrivate Houses

Interior of a house in Jaworzno

The area of ​​370m2 is spread over two floors. The ground floor is the living part of the house with a large living room open to the garden and a dining room and kitchen in the front part of the building. A characteristic element that organizes and divides the space is a black "box" integrating in its form both the functional elements of the above-mentioned key functions of the daily zone of the house as well as several supplementary rooms and vertical communication (stairs). MUS ARCHITECTS, photos: Janina Tynska The black cuboid is placed centrally between the living room and the kitchen and dining room. MUS ARCHITECTS, photos: Janina Tynska On the one hand, there is a fireplace and furniture that forms the wall of the living r... More

Project • By Mihail KurnosovApartments

Minimalism for hedonists

I called this project ‘Minimalism for hedonists’. It most accurately describes this interior and its inhabitants. The main idea of the project is to create an austere, restrained and graphic interior, which is still rather emotional. I used proportions, frames and color blocks, active color contrasts and graphic techniques as the main compositional devices. Elizaveta Kulenenok, Art Depo Studio The main objective is to create a coherent architectural image with pronounced visual navigation. The interior also uses the concept of 'everything is there, but nothing is visible'.By developing the layout, I emphasised the open-space concept with functional areas demarcated within it. Each individual zone was based on the allocatio... More

Project • By Srta. Rottenmeier Estudio de ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Casa de Piedra

When the desire of a family is to live in an iconic and comfortable house, the design becomes Stone House.The use of this material, perennial and durable, confers that forceful character that every house should have and that transmits shelter and home. Ana Quirosa Ana Quirosa Ana Quirosa The play of wooden volumes and the white concrete covering enriches and reduces the roughness of the limestone, generating more delicate spaces that protect.The Stone House is established as a piece that combines design and technique in equal parts, and allows the generation of a timeless architectural ensemble that emphasizes its Mediterranean character. Ana Quirosa Ana Quirosa Without a doubt, a house that will last in time.... More

NewsNews • 19 Sep 2022

Koto Design unfolds emotional minimalism through a trio of cabins on the Northumberland Coast

Trees at Tughall is Koto Design’s latest venture into hospitality cabins nestled within a small wood on a field a short walk away from Northumberland's sandy coastline. Designed around the narratives of slow living, uninterrupted luxury and a fundamental connection with nature, the cabins indulge the inhabitants in the serene countryside surrounding them. Oclo Studios Inspired by the bothies and fishermen sheds that dot the Northumbrian seashore, the contemporary cabins are clad in black stained Welsh Spruce and modest profiles that almost blend with the environment, while the interiors are detailed in locally sourced ash for flooring and poplar ply for walls and ceilings enhancing the rich quality of the spaces.  ... More

Project • By Radical designOffices

Hight-tech office

new office area of ​​160 m230 jobsceiling height 3 meters5 functional zones Radical design   Our taskOur task was to develop an office design in a short time. The room is not large, long and elongated, with windows only on the front. Therefore, it was necessary to create a space that was as functional as possible, but saturated with light and air, in which 30 people could work comfortably. Radical design SolutionThe activity of the company is reflected in the interior through shapes and colors - the interior is inspired by modern gadgets: streamlined shapes with rounded edges, symmetry and conciseness of forms formed the basis of the design concept.The semicircular shape of the meeting room resembles headphones from a smar... More

Project • By SB AtelierApartments

Apartamento E16

The main idea of ​​the intervention begins from the client's intention to generate meeting areas that allow continuous interaction within 70m2. Therefore, the purpose was to create an intimate and welcoming space, preserving the existing structure and configuration, but multiplying the space possibilities to generate greater amplitude and natural lighting. Alberto Magno Wide entrances of light to the interior bathe the surfaces, where the construction materials in soft tones reflects the luminosity to generate different environments with their different uses. Alberto Magno A low wall is connected from the main entrance that serves as a shelf and also connects the living and dining room. This back wall, as well as the existing s... More

Project • By bobo spaceApartments

Minimalistic interior in the Club House

The apartment was designed for a young man to live there. But it was necessary to lay in the planning the prospect of the appearance of a family and a child in the future. Anna Kutilina Anna Kutilina In this project, we have completely rethought the planning solution proposed by the developer. We made a three-room apartment from a two-room apartment. Due to the area of ​​the corridor, the sanitary unit was expanded and combined, the space of the kitchen-living room was increased, and space was allocated for the dressing room-server room. Anna Kutilina Anna Kutilina In the room adjacent to the bedroom, a study was provided with an additional sleeping place for guests. In the future, this room can be converted into a nur... More
We wanted to achieve the maximum presence of nature in the bathroom area
The main square of the hotel
We wanted to make some areas of the hotel more monumental
Mutis hotel room is a combination of Asian and minimalist direction which includes expressive textures and custom details
The bedroom and bathroom area is separated by a glass partition

Project • By 279 concept studioHotels

The Mutis hotel with Japanese aesthetics

The concept hotel "Mutis" located in Indonesia. This project represents our search for combinations of different stylistic directions. We experimented a lot with geometric shapes, materials and furniture. Caption Caption Project concept creation took about 2 months.One of the ideas of this project was to give people the opportunity to feel like a part of nature through location, natural materials, colors, art objects and interaction of plants with interior and architecture.We used artistic plaster in the interior, polished concrete on the floor, custom metal and wood panels on the walls. Caption Caption More

Project • By PROJECT905Apartments

Dinamo Apartment

The design of this minimalist style apartment in Moscow with floor space of 60 sq. m was made by founders  of  Architectural bureau PROJECT905 ( Aleksey Dunayev and Marianna Zapolskaya ) for themselves and their daughter. The apartment is located next to the Dynamo Metro station. Caption The common area with kitchen and living room divides two bedrooms – the children’s room and the parents’ room – as a buffer, and they also designed sliding partitions to the full height of the room from both sides of the parents’ bedroom. When they are open, the bedroom becomes a part of the common space, and when they are closed, the bedroom becomes fully isolated with its own bathroom and workplace. Along the... More

Project • By SOUTH architectureApartments

Lycabettus Hill Studio

The project is about redoing an empty and unused flat, a leftover basement of anAthenian block of apartments. Located at the north slope of Lycabettus Hillin Athens, the flat had a single opening into an enclosed atrium, and a pair of ceilingskylights. Design concept aimed at enhancing those features of the space, in orderto create a comfortable and relaxed living space, a dwelling where the resident would find shelter and would familiarize with its rooms at his own pace.   The design concept is therefore implemented with an array of pocket spaces well designed and balanced. These living spaces offer a variety of in-between relationsand create a graduation of privacy, while maintaining a connection between them.Furthermore, the desig... More

Project • By MEEKO ArchitectsBars

Wedding Barn House

The marriage is a symbolic event which shows a society’s lifestyle. Today, however, it is not only fun, but also style and functionality that count. Both investors and young couples are looking for places that not only offer space, but also the right atmosphere. Hence the idea to create a place close to nature, evoking simple and traditional associations. The wedding and event building called "Lubaszka" was designed in the hotel complex Rado Resort, surrounded by pine and mixed forests. This picturesque context has become a pretext to create an object open to nature, where all guests will be able to commune with it and draw energy from it.   The investor's goal was to build a wedding and event facility with a convivial atmosph... More
Living room
Dressing room
Hallway - living room
Hallway - kitchen

Project • By AE ArchitectsApartments


We designed this well-lit and spacious apartment for a young woman using natural materials.  Our goal was to create a minimalistic and modern-looking interior design that wouldn’t be loud and flashy; elegancy and practicality permeate the entire project. We didn’t choose the layout; the developer did. Yet, their decision to place an internal load-bearing wall at the center of the apartment turned out to be a welcome one; we created a ring layout around it. The bedroom leads to the kitchen, which leads to the bathroom and entrance hall – and vice versa. The customer asked us to wall off a portion of the bedsit to create a proper bedroom; we placed a semi-blind wall and a wood slat room divider that lets the natural l... More