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Project • By PORTNurseries

Kindergarten in Opole / Malina

We aimed to create inspiring and stimulating kindergarten’s space, to foster kids growth and development. Building acts as a „vassel” for young human beings, where its form casts user’s behavior, sense of security and self-esteem. It offers incentives for joy and exploration. To be a window into their future, to understand the world and build their own identity. While working on the project we focused on maintaining existing buildings layout with a yard in between. That is to expose different building’s proportions and historical changes with its specific details. We introduce new functions that connect all, while keeping them autonomous. Following program requirements, the main existing block has been extend... More

Project • By TOYA DESIGNOffices

The new MOL headquarters in Suchy Las

Changing the logo and building a new headquarters is another stage in the dynamic development of MOL in Suchy Las. The investor entrusted this difficult task to designers from the TOYA DESIGN studio. Designers took up the challenge of inscribing architecture in the difficult space of the environment, but also creating a new image of the company. The building design was created in close cooperation with the investor, who was able to precisely define his requirements and needs. While expecting the space to be highly functional, it required modern solutions with high aesthetic value. The refinement of the detail, restrained use of color, gray and the severity of the materials used made it easier to include the product display in the building... More
Ground floor plan

Project • By PORTHousing


Designer: PORT (http://www.portinfo.pl)Investor: privateFunction: single-family housingArea: 239 m2Project location: WrocławYear: 2018 More

Project • By PORTOffices


The most valuable ideas are created not in the office desk, but far from it. They need inspiration, air and coincidence. The purpose of project was to make friendly space. Good quality of working space is one of the factors which cause that the life is well spend. If we are happy at work, then it’s effects would be better and more useful for everyone. We don’t want to use the term “free time” as that time after work as we do not agree that time spent at work is the one without freedom. We all should work with satisfaction and pleasure from what we are doing.   ProcessDiffernece of levels up to 4 m, heavy trafiic road nearby, parking lot of the biggest shopping mall in the city, cementary on the next parcel and... More

Project • By PORTNurseries

"Little explorers" kindergarten

Children have a drive to be independent and do things on their own. This is a healthy part of normal child development. As children grow, they are able to do more and more tasks. Kids use their 5 senses to discover the world and shape their personality. They absorb surrounding, which affects concentration and harmonious development. Surrounding creates children’s reality, affect knowledge and encourage to develop certain skills. And through all of above makes them happy.   Orange roomUse colors of the earth for the youngest children. Inviting to discover through sense of touch, balance and weight. Help to understand the matter. Green roomReflect the natural environment for the older group. Openings to the garden provides conta... More

Project • By PORTPrimary Schools


Designer: PORT (http://www.portinfo.pl)Investor: KOM FoundationFunction: primary schoolArea: 2 280m2Project location: Milicz, PolandYear: 2017 More

Project • By toprojektMasterplans

Revitalization of Powstańców & Sobieskiego streets

In the Middle Ages, Rybnik was a fishing settlement located at the intersection of important trade routes from Wrocław and Racibórz through Oświęcim towards Kraków and from the Czech Republic through the Moravian Gate into the interior of the country. After years, the east-west direction, at which the Market Square was established. The section between the market and the fork of ul. Powstańców and Mikołowska were tightly encapsulated in the early stages of the city’s development. This is where most of the shops and services were located that did not fit in the market. At the end of this development was the construction in the years 1903 – 1906 at the aforementioned fork of the streets, the largest church in U... More

Project • By SKOS - Szybejko ArchitekciPrivate Houses


The site is located on the southern side of the Izerskie Mountains, just above the Wojcieszyce village in the Jeleniogórska valley. The sloping and south facing site offers excellent exposure to the natural lighting of the sun as well as magnificent views, what makes it a perfect location for the owner’s dream holiday house. It was very important for us to realise the full potential of this location.The simple, geometric form of the building is characteristic of our practice. However, for this project, we have decided to break it up in order to angle views from all the living spaces towards the most beautiful, interesting points of the Izerskie Mountains skyline. The architectural appearance of the building was also strongly influenced by t... More

Project • By ANIEAResidential Landscape

City Villa

Single family villa design in a modernism context of Orłowo district of Gdynia. Contemporary approach to the modernism style exspecialy Gdynia Modernism. More
House with ZERO stairs

Project • By STOPROCENT ArchitekciHousing

House with ZERO stairs

“The clients, a middle-aged couple, approached us with one definite request – they wanted to build a house with no stairs, a house that would be equally practical and enjoyable when they get old. The site offered no obvious clues – a flat piece of land in a second line of buildings, in a suburban part of the city of Wrocław, among disappearing traces of a rural past, surrounded by a chaotic mix of houses of all styles, materials and conditions. The first decision consisted in placing the house along the northern border of the plot, towards the narrow access lane, so that the volume of the house shelters the remaining large garden from unwanted views and nuisances of the nearby road. The “T”-shaped plan clearly reflects the dis... More

Project • By STOPROCENT ArchitekciPrivate Houses


The X HOUSE was designed in rather extraordinary circumstances. Before any design work started, the client commissioned a series of talks/discussions on architecture with our team. During the meetings we discussed and analyzed many various houses from all around the world. The aim was, on one hand, to provide a wide context for the work, and on the other – to get to know better the needs of the client and his family. These architecture sessions allowed us to set the framework for the future house quite precisely. The X house is not only supposed to serve as a comfortable living space for the family of four, but also to allow each of the family members to pursue their individual passions. Therefore, on top of the regular scope of a single fa... More