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SKOS - Szybejko Architekci as Architects

The site is located on the southern side of the Izerskie Mountains, just above the Wojcieszyce village in the Jeleniogórska valley. The sloping and south facing site offers excellent exposure to the natural lighting of the sun as well as magnificent views, what makes it a perfect location for the owner’s dream holiday house. It was very important for us to realise the full potential of this location.

The simple, geometric form of the building is characteristic of our practice. However, for this project, we have decided to break it up in order to angle views from all the living spaces towards the most beautiful, interesting points of the Izerskie Mountains skyline. The architectural appearance of the building was also strongly influenced by the uneven terrain and a respect to the regional tradition. The building is partly cantilevered above the ground level which protects it from the seasonal flooding. The choice of the roof angle and the type of the roof tile, as well as the materials used on the facades, were dictated by the local authorities. 

The double-height, south facing, glazed living room constitutes the central part of the house, which is open to the wide timber terrace, that further transforms into the water cascade. This 'heart' of the house is surrounded by two, angled wings, directed towards two main Mountain tops in the area: Śnieżka and Szrenica. One of the wings accommodates the main bedroom and the main bathroom, the other one the study and the spa (baths). 

Large glazing areas both in the living spaces and in the circulation allow, despite the depth of the building, for the penetration of the natural light inside the building throughout the day and reduce the use of artificial lighting.

Although the building was initially designed as a city-escape holiday house, it is now used as an all year house, providing all the necessary facilities.

The 300 sqm main house together with 100 sqm outbuilding and the garage are located on the around 5000 sqm Site. The size of the building is ideal to fit not only owners and their visiting adult kids but also numerous visiting friends.

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