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Project • By Antonio Citterio Patricia VielSocial Housing

Cascina Merlata Lot R7/2

- The latest social housing development designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel brings affordability to Milan while improving livability on the city’s outskirts - International architecture and design firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV) unveils its latest social housing complex in the Cascina Merlata district of Milan. The Cascina Merlata Lot R7/2 project is part of an ensemble of residential buildings designed by some of the most well-known Italian architects, and follows the Cascina Merlata masterplan conceived by ACPV in 2011. The new buildings have obtained a class A rating thanks to their energy-efficient design and low-energy impact. The building is expected to open for residents in March 2021. Located just a stone&r... More

Project • By Dam & Partners ArchitectenShops

Noordblok Stadionplein

For years, Stadionplein in Amsterdam was best known as a boarding point for holiday buses and because of the Febo on the square. Once conceived as a temporary parking space for the 1928 Olympic Games, the square was never really finished; nor did it when the Amstelveenseweg was connected to the Amsterdam ring road, effectively making the square an entrance to the city. Based on the urban master plan that Floris Alkemade / OMA drew up in close consultation with local residents, the square has been redesigned by West 8. Two buildings, a residential building with a mixed program and a hotel, branch on the block structure devised by Berlage. This also enhances the experience of one of the most beautiful and surely the longest urban sightline i... More

Project • By Leclercq associésCare Homes


Jointly undertaken by Leclercq et Associés, Gaëtan Le Penhuel and Laurent Niget, the conversion of the old Saint Michel Hospital in Paris’s 15th arrondissement is a complex programme on a complex site. Until 2003, the site hosted a general hospital and specialist surgery departments for young children. The ensemble was a small-scale city, a “city within a city”, both unique, and hidden from the surrounding public spaces. The project’s programme is linked to the hospital’s former functions, and, therefore, to a memory of place. The converted site contains highly specialised medico-social structures designed for mentally handicapped adults and teenagers, people suffering from autism, children in di... More

Project • By POGGI ArchitectureApartments

White Clouds

A new social housing project in Saintes has totally reinvented what living together means. A seemingly inhabited cloud effortlessly signals the entrance to a recently rehabilitated working-class neighbourhood, known as ‘Les Boiffiers’, dating back to the 1970s. Landscape and architectural design come together in meaningful harmony, showcasing the new development.   The building is positioned in such a way as to respect the site’s quality, rather than merely colonise the given space. A sense of depth has been created, structured by footpaths and enticing visual perspectives, with the landscape slipping effortlessly in and around the architectural volumes, offering multiple orientations for the apartments, all of whic... More

Project • By Abscis ArchitectenResidential Landscape

Klein Rijsel

The building site, situated parallel to the railroad tracks of the Leuven train station, is in many ways remarkable. It’s located within walking distance to the station, which is undergoing large scale developments, but it also seamlessly connects to the smaller scale residential area of ‘Klein Rijsel’. The client’s ambition was to build a large amount of social housing as well as private homes, both with underground parking, surrounded by a collective garden accessible to the public. This wasn’t an easy task as the topography of the site, as well as the urban plan ‘BPA Westelijke Spoorweggeul’, imposed certain parameters and limitations to the site. Abscis Architecten en A2D architecture 2 design... More

Project • By Carrillo ArquitectosHousing

Los Jameos del Agua

In this project of single-family homes in Getafe we ​​have applied a concept that arises from the phenomenon of -Jameos del agua-; a natural space and an art, cultural and tourism center devised by César Manrique. Located in the north of the island of Lanzarote, it is also considered an area of ​​ecological sensitivity. For this reason, we want to achieve a unique space from the place where the project is located. This concept has inspired a promotion of 20 single-family homes, within the neighborhood of -El Bercial-, in the municipality of Getafe. The site is bordered on its three sides by streets; three roads with road and pedestrian traffic and one pedestrian. This allows us to obtain four facades from the set. The project aims to... More

Project • By MAHDI MARABEApartments

Kindl Housing

The project examines the relationship between an Urban object in the city and itsimpact on the Urban context and how to transform such an object into acontextual architecture. Our site is located in the Neukölln neighborhood inBerlin, a special site that separates different parts of the neighborhood, a sharpchange of levels that stops the movement abilities between the areas. A hugeurban object is located on the site, a large and opaque warehouse structure, builtover a timeline, and each part of the building was added at a different time, thiscan be identified through the section of the building and by identifying variousconstruction technologies that indicate the period of build up.The first thing we wanted to do was to turn this arch... More

Project • By Atelier du PontSocial Housing

53 social housing units in Tours

This project in Tours (France) developed 53 social housing units distributed across three buildings sitting around an open block crossed by public alleyways. The varying size of the buildings and their adapted typologies (stacked townhouses, small collective units in one plot, and collective units) help ensure the change in scale from a main urban artery to the north and a more vernacular, residential neighborhood to the south.  Even though the various typologies create a diversity of volumes, the treatment of the façades is homogenous and stripped down; they are covered with white, enameled terra cotta tiles so as not to introduce too many different architectural styles around the adjacent chapel.  The collective buildin... More

Project • By Architekten Tillner & Willinger ZT GmbHHousing

Mautner Markhof Gründe

“With us you get more than just an apartment.” - This is the central message of the large community-oriented housing project in central Vienna. Mautner-Markhof Gründe is a neighborhood of 90 residential units in two distinct buildings, built in accordance with the high environmental standards of the Passive House practice, including 74 subsidized rental apartments as well as Senior housing units. The project aspires to foster a diverse community of different age groups and multicultural backgrounds living harmoniously together. Fundamental to the design, is the promotion of a community-based way of living and tolerance of other lifestyles and social values. Working with a sociologist to conduct an in-depth study of cultur... More

Project • By eklund_terbeekApartments

Clarissenhof Social Housing

Clarissenhof residential complex is part of the Tilburg railway zone, where the former train depot area is being transformed into a new inner city district. The urban plan for Clarissenhof, designed by Dok architects, draws inspiration from Tilburg’s Catholic past and the monastery formerly situated on the site. An ensemble of white brick buildings are organized around a series of interconnected green courtyards and gardens. A calm oasis in the middle of the city.    Clarissenhof contains a mix of privately owned homes and affordable rental apartments. Eklund_terbeek designed two cost effective buildings containing 32 social housing units. Within the limited budget, eklund_terbeek sought to create robust volumes, character... More

Project • By Guerin and Pedroza ArchitectesSocial Housing

Social Housing rue Salengro, Bondy

34 rue Roger Salengro is situated in the heart of City of Bondy, nearby the city hall, and has numerous advantages concerning transportation and commercial areas.Bondy Habitat, the main social housing developer in the city, has requalified an industrial wasteland situated in Bondy’s downtown. Today it has become a 21 housing units building that replaces the former printing press.During the conception phase, several meetings between architects and local residents took place; this social process led to a project that covers not only the mandatory urban rules, but also the neighbor’s particular demands. The site of 1013 m² presents only a 9.5m front façade towards the street and the occupation of the building is 49 % of the site plan. One... More

Project • By Odo ArchitectsCare Homes

Nitzan Housing

The Nitzan housing project is a public building planned for the Nitzan foundation, that provides housing and services for people with special needs. The project will serve as a treatment center and will include accommodation for people with special needs, that will integrate with the existing built environment in the suburbs of Tel-Aviv.  More

Project • By Schenker Salvi Weber Architekten ZT GmbHSocial Housing

Sillblock Housing Estate Innsbruck

Hard shell – soft core: The focus of the design is placed on the clear separation between the street and courtyard spaces.   The building accumulates in layers around the residential units out to the urban space, creating an overall volume with depth and multifaceted spatial qualities.   The traditional urban block structure of 20th-century housing was to be continued on the property in the former slaughterhouse district in Innsbruck. On the street side the U-formed block integrates inconspicuously into the urban fabric, while the tapered inner face of the two-segment structure delineates a new, attractive cour tyard around the existing linden trees.   The unique quality of this residential building lies in the diversity and flexibility of... More

Project • By BAEBSocial Housing

Rixensart Housing

CONSTRUCTION OF 45 DWELLINGS: 25 SOCIAL RENTAL UNITS AND 20 PRIVATE UNITS   This project is part of a public-private partnership (PPP). It consists of several housing units for a public rental destination and other private units. These dwellings have been a research subject in order to reach the low energy standard.   THE PROJECT Our project proposes the implantation of three buildings in open order and decreasing volumes towards the back of the site in order to reveal the natural slope of the undergrowth and the strong presence of the vegetation that comes with it. This choice of masterplan, while taking advantage of the strong characteristics of the site, responds both to the future municipal development plan under study an... More

Project • By Benjamin FleuryApartments


This project is integrated into a suburban housing environment. Located in the Rue des Chantereines in the city of Montreuil, the site of the project faces housing blocks typical from the sixties which heights goes from five to ten stories. On the other hand, the inner borders of the parcel are surrounded with houses and their gardens.   COOPIMMO is our client. It is cooperative for affordable housing, that has become one of the first producer of social accommodations with a renting-purchasing system. COOPIMMO is also a pioneer at the national scale on using the « Fair Lease Agreement », a plan that regulates the price of the land for this type of constructions. Its structure allows it to take action all around... More