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Project • By Ramon Esteve EstudioArt Galleries

Bombas Gens Art Center

Bombas Gens is an old industrial building with an unquestionable social-historical value and one of the rare remaining examples of the industrial architecture of the thirties. Its Art Deco façades and architecture make it a special, unique location for some new uses according to today needs. The new facilities have been created as an internationally renowned multi-use space where Fundació Per Amor a L’Art will carry out its three-branch activity (arts, society and research). "Our aim has always been to apply a homogeneous intervention criterion to the whole complex, and, at the same time, give each building, be it original or recently built, the characteristic features that it needs for its specific use." - Ramó... More

NewsNews • 18 Jan 2021

House of Sand is designed for the coastal landscape of Valencia

The starting point for this stunning beachfront villa by Fran Silvestre Architects is its position in the land – behind a large and imposing sand dune that protects the coastal area of Valencia from storms. Diego Opazo To optimize views and provide much-needed shade within, two clean and crisp volumes are arranged perpendicular to each other. To take optimal advantage of the ocean views, the ‘day area’ programme of the house is located on the top floor where the house clears the top of the dune. The lower level, by extension, becomes a terrace for outdoor living. Night uses, primarily sleeping, are on the lower level and oriented perpendicular to the sea. Diego Opazo The pool area is the main living space of th... More

Project • By Contell-Martínez ArquitectosCultural Centres


The Project aims to transform an old railway warehouse into a cultural facility within the new Valencia’s Central Park which nowadays covers the old railway tracks of the main city station. The shed was built in 1917 by Demetrio Ribes and it is a valuable example within the railway architecture of Valencia.    The design allows maximum flexibility of use so different activities can happen simultaneously while respecting the industrial character of the building.   The shed is divided into five bays, which will geometrically guide the project. This structural rhythm, as well as the possibility of developing two levels in height, are fundamental for the proposal.   The building has two entries. The front one, fo... More

Project • By ERRE arquitecturaOffices

New Studio ERRE

The project arose out of the need to create a workspace for the ever-increasing staff of this architectural studio in the centre of Valencia. The program consisted of establishing a main workspace, several meeting rooms, a rest area for the team and other rooms of internal use.The premises, situated on the ground floor of a residential building in the Ensanche district of Valencia is spatially characterized by its entrance hall that leads from the façade to the 2nd row of columns, where the space opens out to accommodate the various requirements of the studio. Outstanding here are the elements that connect the interior with the exterior spaces, featuring three small inner patios and four openings in the façade, a pre-requireme... More

Project • By VIMARVIPrivate Houses

Stone Box _ Cenador en Valencia

Stone Box was designed to resolve the issues of an exterior space in a large house that had fallen in disuse. As always occurs in large gardens, they are not useful if they cannot be fully enjoyed day to day. For this reason within the first visit the client confided in us to create a connection space that organizes the garden giving it vitality and functionality that up to the moment it didn’t possess. To achieve this, it’s thought in an opened-closed object, without renouncing the warmth and functionality of the interior spaces, even though being on the exterior. The idea that the object can be closed or opened depending on the moment seemed like an interesting idea and a very ideal given the position it has. This two premi... More

Project • By Arturo SanzPrivate Houses

Casa del Batlle

Rehabilitation as a single-family dwelling of a fragment of the "Casa del Batlle", building founded on Islamic remains by the Order of the Templars after the Reconquest of Moncada (second half of the thirteenth century). The fragment consists of a strip of 10 meters wide, two bays deep and a courtyard inside, with overlapping of different properties between ground floor and first floor. The structure is of walls of load of tapial of 85 cm. thick, parallel to the facade, belonging to the foundational era of the building, among which we must highlight the wall behind the courtyard with remains of arches of masonry. The slab of the first wooden beams creak of large section and brick scramble belongs to an intervention of the eighteenth centur... More

Project • By Arturo SanzPrivate Houses

Claudia House

Benimaclet was an orchard village that was absorbed by the city of Valencia in the second half of the last century. In this village houses coexist with small-scale multi-family buildings, as is the case here: a three-storey building, made up of 6 dwellings, which, on the ground floor and through a central access, gives access in the block courtyard to two-storey constructions belonging to each of the dwellings in the building. The intervention that we present consists of the reconstruction of one of these buildings, belonging to one of the dwellings on the ground floor, and its connection with it. The low construction quality and the habitability problems of this building advised its demolition and volumetric reconstruction.   O... More

Project • By DALIA ALBA ARCHITECTPrivate Houses

Portet House

Located in one of the most exclusive areas of Moraira (Costa Blanca), a few meters away from the water of the Mediterranean Sea, a large prismatic concrete volume emerges behind sandy Portet Beach. The contrast of the brutal concrete giant on the thin and fragile glass, play opposites to surprise the observer. The body that emerges seeks to camouflage itself with the texture of the landscape and its surroundings.   The house is organized by three clearly differentiated heights. Where the stairs, the vertical garden and the courtyard are the common link between all levels and articulate the spaces according to their need of privacy.   The ground floor is the most open space of the house with large glass surfaces that allow the... More

Project • By Mateo ArquitecturaBanks


Banc Sabadell Company HUB is an experimental space designed as a meeting point and nexus of communication in the business world.   In its different areas, with all the latest technological advances, companies are accompanied through all the stages of consultancy, training and inspiration based on success stories to meet their future challenges.   A flexible space where companies, irrespective of size or sector, find resources for development and where networking is organically promoted.   “A space for meeting and communication. Light, transparency, indoor nature, with the city outside. Light control, sound control. Acoustics in the common base of the cladding and its formal expression. Returning once again to t... More

Project • By Fran Silvestre ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Fababu House

A plot with steep slopes and rocky terrain are the starting point to plan the project.The building emerges from the terrain forming three volumes that blend together, adapting to the topography of the place.The hollows of the different pieces are born from the edges of each of the volumes interlacing one another and generating a system of holes that allows solving all the windows of the project.This system produces shadows that give depth to the façade, making it possible to perceive from the exterior a mass, compact element, as if it were a rock, and from the inside the geometry of the holes and the terraces of each one of them. it helps to maximize the vision of the environment, but always without having visuals between the diff... More

Project • By Tiovivo CreativoOffices

Office and Coworking Tiovivo Creativo

Tiovivo creativo, an interior architecture and design studio from Valencia (Spain), has designed its new office on Ruzafa´s neighborhood with its most personal stamp based on a classic postmodernist environment with a certain tendency to eclecticism.These office is conceptualized to create a functional and multipurpose space, where all of the details have been created looking for the maximum optimization of the space, considering that additionally to the design studio purpose, these offices are also offered as a coworking space. The characteristics of the premises allowed the creation of a working ecosystem with a special connection with nature, where the division of the different working areas are dynamically projected, joining together to... More

Project • By Tiovivo CreativoOffices

Novatec Group Offices

Contact with tiovivo creativo company is contact with uniqueness, personalization and creativity. That's what thought Novatec, a company very consolidated in automotive sector with more than 10 years of experience, specialized in the manufacture of plastic injection components. Novatec was looking the way to capture their experience and identity in their facilities located in Náquera (Valencia), more specifically in the office area. As we discover the company´s facilities and their different manufacturing processes, we realized the high organizational and technological level necessary to "assemble" all perfectly. This concept, along with the sophisticated installation equipment, was the key to design this space.   We&ac... More

Project • By Mano de Santo ™ - Equipo de ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Detached house Casa Santa Bárbara 49

A project which begins with the selection of the plot and continue with an Idea that respond to the willingness of customers to show their own identity.An Idea is adapted to take advantage of the topography of the plot which sectorizes criteria of privacy and uses environment.The Plants which buring the services of the houses like parking, warehouse and facilities and emerging from the terrain in the shape of the roundabout with a set of volumes of the plants which is housing uses.The access of the house is projected by the northwest street, a linear route that leads this and hides the views of the rest of the plot.In the facades Southeast and Southwest, the house opens to the garden and the views, Introducing the natural light of the house... More

Project • By Mano de Santo ™ - Equipo de ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Detached house Casa Klamar

The property is located on a plot of accentuated slope, oriented South-East and its altitude is visible in the foreground the City of Valencia and in the distance the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea.The topography and the mark left after the demolition of an old building, marked the first sketch lines that became the guide to follow for the design of this house.The architecture itself absorbs the difference between making terrain elevations articulating element separating the two major outdoor areas, a corresponding public access and a private housing where the pool and recreation area.The architecture provides a single massive volume element, constructed with reinforced concrete structural walls white seen continuous formwork wooden table... More

Project • By Mano de Santo ™ - Equipo de ArquitecturaPrivate Houses

Detached house Casa Forment

The projected building is the result of a double intervention in the existing building, expanding the room with the addition of a large porch to south and an inner, facades and roof renovation.The solution adopted takes into account on the one hand customer requirements, both functional and aesthetic needs, as the construction features of the existing building and its location.The volume, buildable area, urban parameters defined by the particular planning regulations for this area, with the premise of the architects to achieve a right integration and use up to the conditions of the plot and its orientation, resulting in a simple building, of pure volumes with a very careful treatment of the facades design according to their orientation and... More